Halo 5, AI, and leave that Hog alone.

I came with this idea yesterday as I played Lancer. The situation that developed is the following.

When Expendable came out, i immediately played the chapters (solo, i dont like finding games). So Lancer was there with me, behind the two warthogs. My first reaction was to know that if i had 2 warthogs was because i would be fighting a nice amount of enemies in the mission, and since i play solo i need at least one friendly NPC to man the gun. We know Warrens pretty well by now, we were there already, so i knew how large the mission had to be. I decided to clear the first area on foot and then proceeded normally trough the caves with them. During the Wraith fight down there, 2 Wraiths were dropped, since I didnt know what else was to come, I left Lancer in the Evac area and went on foot to take out the Wraiths. I was above them waiting for the best moment to jump off and hijack them, i succeeded once. The second Wraith was harder, and when i was about to jump again to take it out, Lancer comes in the Warthog charging like maniacs at the Wraith and it blew them up with one shot. This was not as much trouble since Switchback was there to replace them a moment after.
Yesterday i was playing again and i had captured a Wraith, along with a warthog i used both vehicles to prevent Lancer to get inside the structure with the Scattershot elites, as i was trying to get all of them out of there alive. They kept struggling so hard to get in that they ended up stuck inside the walls _.
Any of you reading this ever played Republic Commando? If not, then i will explain. In this game, you are supposed to shoot enemies, but team work with your NPC squad is the most important part. Your strategy as leader impacts the gameplay. You had to tell your team mates what to do and where to take cover.
In conclusion, something i want for Halo 5 is a command system. Tell the marines to hold a place, to take cover behind some crates, to board that vehicle. To leave that Hog alone until you come back, to concentrate fire on that Hunter…

Feedback, opinions and LOLnopes (with argument) accepted.

I agree. It would also be nice if we could get some NPCs (that are actually effective) to replace the missing Spartans when playing Spartan Ops with less than 4 players.