Halo 5: advanced destiny

Why do people say halo 5 is a cod with halo paint?

Can somebody make me a list of things that you think makes halo 5 just another cod game

And another list of things that are still unique to halo.
In my opinion halo 5 is still very much a halo game.

Unbelievable. It’s obvious that Halo 5 is a CoD clone. The fact Halo has you play as soldiers and use guns as weapons is proof enough. Why can’t people realize this?
Similarities = BAD

List: sprint (COD)
Clamor (titanfall and COD)
Ground pound and charge (destiny)
Soldiers instead of Just R v B of master Chiefs is very COD

bought every other halo, won’t buy this one. And I only bought halo 4 Cuz I didn’t think it would be beat. 343 has done a good job with graphics but a terrible job continuing the series. Bill gates should fire all these idiots.

I don’t get this mentality that Halo is copying everything from CoD, Destiny and other games

Halo 5 has been in development for some time now, so it’s not like they saw the features of other games 2/3 months ago and just shoe horned them in for releasing now. Stuff like this will have been planned months, possibly over a year ago before being put into production. Unless you think that every studio freely shares all the features of their games with each other?