Halo 5 Achievement Help

There are a few achievements that either Require a coop partner or I’ve just been unable to do solo and would like a partner for.

All for One
Fire Drill
Enemy of my Enemy
Worms Don’t Surf
Prison Break

If you need these as well or would just like to help me out I have goofy play times due to being a dad and working 2nd shift. Most weekdays I can play from 12pm-3pm and 1:30am-3am. Weekends I can play from 12pm-3pm and 10pm-3am. I’m on EST so anyone interested feel free to add me and shoot me a message on Xbox or here and let me know which achievement your willing to help with. I prefer not to use Locke or Chief on Coop because I don’t use the AI as best as they can be used. Also I have a Mic and always use it when in a party.


I don’t mind helping out. I need some as well

Weekend bump

I’m down