Halo 4's -Yoinking!- DMR.

343, you have officially made it too easy for new players to hop on and grab a DMR and just destroy. The bullet magnetism, the hit boxes everything down to the core weapon has been modified to where if you have anything other than the DMR, you are going to lose… I like what you are trying to do, but it’s not working… If the DMR is going to be so accurate, make it harder to aim. Less aim assist and magnetism. It all goes down to the hit boxes that seem way to big. I know I’m complaining at this point, but isn’t this supposed to be fair? Fair play does not mean make it ‘Call of Halo’. Which has question before the games release and kid of settles the dispute now… The DMR is still OP and it’s way to easy to get killed now. I don’t know if you guys see it this way, but I do and I’m finished when I hit SR 130.

i only read the title, because iv read it all before in other posts. I think its OP because DMR is the only long range specific weapon, the rest are medium to long range.

im starting to like the carbine more now, but it can be a bit hard to win toe to toe fights with it.

anyone have stat comparisons on the DMR vs BR vs carbine? the waypoint search option seems broken for me

I’ve always had issues with this. I can’t stand the DMR, it’s such a huge crutch. Honestly I think the firing speed needs some serious sedatives or something, losing close quarter fights to a DMR when I have an AR is not a happy feeling.

343 is clueless

> 343 is clueless

No they’re not. They know how to follow MS’s orders and make the game easy for noobs to play so they can sell more copies.