Halo 4's Theater Mode

Theater Mode is a massive downgrade from Halo 3, and its a shame. It was a fantastic resource for Machinima directors, casual and competitive players alike. Now it is a shadow of its former self, and needs a SERIOUS fix!!!

1) Fix the camera to make it like H3’s. The camera is horrible in Reach. It never responds to input like in H3, the angles are awful, the camera is far slower than H3’s even with the fast options toggled and the lag is atrocious.

2) Bring back Party Viewing!!! Do I even need to explain this? It was in Halo 3, its not in Reach. That sucks. If they took it out because of lag issues, why not use this moment to fix them! Beat Bungie at their own game that they designed!!!

3) Better controls. That means real rewinding and fast forwarding, not massive skips over and over.

4) Bungie Pro and Youtube exporting from Halo Reach. If you pay 10$ for the account, you should be able to get your videos to people fast and easy, without having to download the video off the website or install a separate player.

5) Spectator Mode. If this isn’t added to Reach, it is a MUST for Halo 4. The ability to watch real time games being played, from casual Infection matches, to level 50 TS skirmishes. Also the ability to tag realtime matches for quick acess both ingame, and on Halo Waypoint!

What do you want 343i to add to Theater Mode in Halo 4?

Theater could definitely use an overhaul, especially seeing as Bungie thought it’d be a great idea to degrade Halo 3’s and put that degraded version in Reach.

The exporting idea might be unrealistic, we’re going to have to admit. A feature I’d really love to see would be the ability to view other perspectives in first person, but I’m not sure it that’s possible. And super-fast forwarding would be a great feature for 15+ minute films.

I just saw this thread a few slots up the list.