Halo 4's planet

does anyone have an idea what it is? as of right now I think it’s the forerunner home planet, but other than that, I’m clueless… Sorry if this has been asked before

*nevermind i watched the trailer and it wasn’t it

Well we will find out wont we?

If you read the Halo books, some of the other Spartan II’s end up on a Shield World, some people think it might be that.

I think it a forerunner planet because if you took a look at the planet in H3s legendary ending and the forerunner planet in Halo:Legends they look identical. I also have more reasons at my post named Halo 4 tips. If you think about what i write you’ll find clues about evnts destined for H4 in all Halo games! When saw this i had an idea about what would happen in H4.

I was thinking maybe something like on Halo Wars. Some big Shield World.

What does a “Sheild world” even mean? A world with a sheild on top?

No, It is a hollo planet that you can go in.