Halo 4's Only Good If Your a noobie

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I mean this when I say it this game is only good if your a noobie , what noobie’s must be like when they play Halo 4:

Classes ? Oh yeah just Like CoD I can pick any gun I start with and no longer have to adapt with the Assault Rifle cause all past Halo’s sucked and No classes was crap, If someone has a better gun for the range we’re at I’ll just use my custom loadout gun

Ordinance Drop : Yes I hated having to find a good power weapon , It sucked and I always got killed by them . Thank you for letting me drop one when I get a certain amount of Points ,Just like killstreaks!!

Grenade Indicator : Yes i hated getting killed by grenades I didnt know were there, Just like CoD i know where they are now . Thanks 343 for adding this. Now I can escape my death and Not get blown up

No CSR : I am so crap at this game but it doesnt matter i dont need to worry this game has no ranking system that is effective so people will never know thanks 343!!!

Boltshot : Yes for once a spawnable gun that one shot kills someone !!! YES!!! This is so awesome!!!1

Active Camo : Yes I can go invisible and not be seen!!! I can finally kill someone from Behind. THANK YOU SO MUCH

lol i know how you feel man

H4 was made for campers and ratio rats.