Halo 4s Music: should feature Excision

Hey guys I love halo and I’m not a big dubstep fan, but if you had to go the dubstep way I’d rather 343 featuring excision because they are a great Dubstep band and they are like number one in the US and halo has always had this rock punks style in it since halo 2 and legendaryness and I hope that excision can bring that because they have good ideas.

Dubstep? In the actual game? NEVER please. It just isn’t consistent or even an evolution of the previous soundtrack styles.

If people like it in the Multiplayer teasers, fine, but never should it be anywhere near Campaign, Spartan Ops, or just Multiplayer itself. It’s just not ever going to fit.

The dubstep isn’t actually in the game. It is purely for the trailers and the remix soundtrack. The in-game music will still be mostly orchestral as all previous Halo games were.

Please… no
Brostep is the worst kind of step.
At least do something melodic if you are going to put something in a trailer or something.