Halo 4's music has a cinematic touch to it.

I’m not sure if thats the way to put exactly but I don’t know how to spell the correct term for it. Is anyone familiar with Two Steps from Hell? Halo 4’s soundtrack has taken a bit of an approach like that. I know it doesn’t sound like the Halo 4 music everyone knows and loves but it has a sort adrenline rush to it. If I was listening to the OST while driving the Warthog with a player manning the turret, it would be like synchorinized driving like I was playing Need for Speed. Tridyrium uploaded this song 2 weeks ago which is a remixed version of the so called “Arrival on Requiem” Listen to the track at 3:27 and see how it sounds. It has a classical touch like something you’d hear in Transformers: Dark of the Moon which has an incredible soundtrack by the way.

I think the term you are looking for is “cinematic”.

>Also a 2 steps from Hell fan (They are incredible when it comes to making epic music)

The Halo 4 music I feel needs to take more from that approach I think the part you pointed out was great I hope more of the Ost is like that.

> I think the term you are looking for is “cinematic”.

Thanks actually, I’ll change the OP.

Two Steps from Hell is incredible. The Halo 4 soundtrack is also incredible. I’m really liking the direction Neil is going with the music, I have yet to be disappointed.

I’ve been watching the recent BTS video, and you’re right. And I’m loving it.

Two-Steps From Hell with a little bit of Halo is an epic combination. :wink:

I actually think Two Steps from Hell is what inspired Neil. He workd on the Inception soundtrack didn’t he? I think someone mentioned that a few months ago.

Halo is changing for the good. Soundtrack is changing for the great.