Halo 4's Map Remake? What Do You Think?

Hey everyone, Vampyre0422 here! I was just wondering what you all think the remake in H4’s maps will be.

We know its outdoors and that its not small (small meaning like the size of Heretic or Arena Zealot)

My money is on Zanzibar/Last Resort. (or as I like to call it, “Pinwheel” due to the giant windmill in the center of the map)

Reasoning? Its a relatively large and has a massive amount of Space to fight in (From base to beach as well as multiple elevations) and its size warrants the need of a sniper rifle to be available on the map. and most importantly, its outdoors and has a giant moving obstructing windmill. (sorry this map was a personal favorite of mine, even before RvB)

It also has many areas fit for close quarters as well as med-long range. IMO its just a well laid out good universal map.

What do you all think??

Oh, and I do NOT know ALL of the maps by heart, and I never played the H2 map pack so if you could leave description of maps that would help a ton, thanks.

See y’all star-side!


It would be great if it were Zanzibar, but I personally hope it’s sandtrap.

I know that it won’t be a Halo 3 map, a Reach map, or any map that has already been remade. I’m absolutely sure that it will be chosen from Halo 2’s stellar set, and I’m hoping for Terminal, which would probably work quite well with Halo 4’s gameplay.

Fingers crossed for Terminal, Containment, District, Infinity or Death Island.



Terminal or Relic.

I’m thinking Containment.

  • It’s not on Halo 3/Reach.
  • It’d make a good base map for Halo 4 canyon forged maps.
  • It’s snowy, making it aesthetically different from the only revealed forge map (though it will overlap with Longbow, if they have a one Steve limit for terrain types it could be out).
  • Cover seems to be playing a more important role in Halo 4’s map design than ever before and even without being touched Containment would fit in with that goal.
  • It’s basically a better Blood Gulch/Coagulation/Hemorrhage and it already exists.

Death Island would be the dream though. For the handful of matches I played on that when there weren’t custom teleports hidden in solid walls or aimbot snipers it was pretty fun.

I don’t care. I am just glad there is only ONE remake. But I will bet on Hang 'Em High or Blood Gulch

I would say its likely the map will be one of those from Halo 2 as you suggest another Zanzibar remake is possible, but I’d say its more likely to be something similiar to Relic in design. It was a fan favorite during Halo 2 and a map I would love to see return with only slight changes, I do hope this time around its inside a valley and not on a small island, I would love to see it have caves and more structure surrounding the main part of Relic.

The map Relic took place on a remote Delta Halo island and consisted of a large Forerunner ruin which was designed as a memorial for warriors fallen during the Forerunners war with the flood. It occupied the center of the island, and had varying paths throughout its base for both infantry and vehicles, with the upper levels being designed more for defense. The area surrounding the Forerunner ruin had a Ghost, Covenant sniper tower which contained a Beam Rifle, it also had a couple large hill with a sniper rifle at ones peak, they provided a break in the sightline between the Red and Blue spawns. Red base was the crashed hull of a UNSC Locust which contained within it a Chaingun Warthog, and a unique teleportation system that had to be activated from within the Forerunner ruin for the Red team to access and use it.

Its design forced the Red team to have to use more strategy and fight a uphill battle against the Blues with its large scale assymetric design having huge potential especially for One Flag Capture the Flag gametypes :). This is a design style I believe hasnt been used in a long time and I would love to see it make a comeback, if not as a developer map then hopefully a beautiful forge world remake by someone, but I do hope its the map chosen by 343i.

I think it’ll be Relic, Terminal, Waterworks, or Containment.

please be terminal its my all time fave!!!

Quite a while back, Frankie did a video where he went through an A-Z of things related to Halo 4. Take a guess on what Z was: It was Zanzibar, the only map to be mentioned there. Its a large map, outdoors and plenty of vehicles. Whats not to love about it? My money is on Zanzibar/Last Resort

> I want SAND TRAP!

/ Standoff

I just hope it’s Sandtrap, Avalanche/Sidewinder or Last Resort.

Santrap because it would mean Mammoths, Terminal because it’s damn awesome, or TURF!

> Sidewinder

I hope it’s Zanzibar/Last Resort, Sandbox or any other Halo 3 map.


They already stated they wanted/had something close to it, with having a large skybox, large flat areas, and an indoor colosseum.

Ready for a big round about, very vague, lots of holes theory? Ok here we go.

From the bulletin:

> We’re incredibly excited to host our CTF hopper at launch, on November 6th. Here’s a preview of our planned settings.
> Mode <mark>2 Flag CTF Only</mark>
> Teams <mark>5v5</mark>
> Time Limit 12:00
> Score Target 3 Captures
> Overtime 60 seconds
> Ordnance Initial and World
> Maps <mark>5 non-forged maps,</mark> tuned for CTF

This interested me, although it’s not saying much, but something to be kept in mind. Now this states that there will probably be only 5 maps that are the right size to support 5v5 as well as be designed to be able to handle <mark>2</mark> CTF.

Now we already know that adrift, exile and longbow would all be able to support 5v5 as well as 2 CTF, that leaves two maps that are symmetrical and large/medium. Now containment and waterworks and sandtrap (With mammoths) in their current state would be to large for 5v5 CTF, and why would 343i develop a map like containment or waterworks that would be perfect to show off their new 2 CTF, only to create their flagship 2CTF playlist that’s unable to cater to it. Seems odd to me. So if this remake is going to be 2 base orientated I do not think it will be as large as containment, think more of a small BTB map. However no maps from halo 2 or halo CE really spring to mind that haven’t already been remade.

Now the flip side to this is that there are 4 unknown maps that are either to small or not symmetric (5 maps including haven) that aren’t designed for 5v5 2CTF. However we know that the remake is not small, this makes relic or terminal perfect candidates.

As the descriptions has been so vague I’m doing anything to try and convince myself its going to be containment, however this didn’t help haha. My best guess now is relic.

Also I hope you enjoyed this theory and please point out any “hard” truths I forgot.