Halo 4's FOrge MUST be improveD

343 Industries seriously needs to take Forge to the next level. Reach was a step up, but so much more could be done.

Pelicans and Phantoms in Forge are a MUST. This has probably been the most highly requested feature since Halo 1. Guess what? It’s been nearly ELEVEN YEARS since Halo 1, technology should be able to handle pelicans. There is no way that 343 does not know that we want Pelicans. If thy want to gain the trust and love of the forging fanbase, they need to implement this.

Opening and Closing Doors: This would be a simple system. We could link buttons with doors using the same way we link teleporters. Just put a button and door on the same channel, and there we go :slight_smile:

Destructibility: This would be a very convenient feature. In the options for the object you select, you should be able to set any doors/walls to eother DESTRUCTIBLE or INDESTRUCTIBLE.

Weather: Whether or not we have to load a new map for different weather or it is an option in the Special FX section, we need weather and time of day settings. It pains me when I load up a map and somebody has the purple color filter on.

More Forge Worlds: In Halo 4 we need at least 3 or 4 different forge worlds, either the same size as Reach’s Forge World or larger. In fact, in order to make the wait for Halo 4 easier, why not make a DLC map pack centered around forge?

it should be removed

> it should be removed

What is your reasoning behind that?

> it should be removed

Remove one of the main things that Halo has over every other shooter in the market? That doesn’t sound like a very smart move…

You should be removed xJumper. Forge is one of the greatest things Halo has brought to the multiplayer world. I would like seeing the new Forge on its own disc just so they can make it awesome. One thing I really want to see in forge is the ability to select one object or an entire section and have the ability to copy and paste. That would really help of you were trying to make symmetrical maps.


> it should be removed

Lol you funny.

A lot of people on here have made some excellent Forge suggestions. I myself have made a number suggestions, as Forge was pretty much the reason why I pre-ordered Reach (the ViDoc on Forge blew me away when I first saw it), and why I pre-ordered Halo 4 recently (don’t get me wrong, I like Halo, but with the rest I was content to just borrow a friends copy or wait until it was like $20 used).

Read some of these threads to hear what others have had to say (some pretty neat ideas in these):

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Also, I must say, I hate purple fx as well, especially for spaceship maps.

People, at best purple fx make your spaceship map look like Forgeworld at night. It does NOT make it look like space AT ALL. Further, since the entire map is darkened, you can hardly see the actual ship. In movies, the ship is usually well-lit against the black, starry background (not technically realistic, but at least you can see the ship).

Further still, if the ship has an interior, the interior is hopelessly, irreversibly darkened as well, with no way to light it up (I would say this applies to earth-based buildings as well, since you can’t light up the interior), so it ends up looking like somebody turned all the lights off; it makes it very, very hard to appreciate the detail.

I personally actually have an easier time pretending it’s in space when the spaceship is in the broad daylight of Forgeworld w/o any light fx active. The only exception to this I’ve ever seen was an Emperor’s throne room map from Return of the Jedi I downloaded once. It used a combination of light effects and some very creative forging to create a view out of the window that actually looked like space (with stars, a space battle, and everything). My jaw dropped when I saw it. However, that’s the exception. In general, purple fx for a space scene = horrible. /rant

I…don’t see how pelicans/phantoms are a MUST for forge…at all.

FW is just grass and grey, we need different terrain, landscapes, environments, weather, etc.

I’m quite certain the community has not been begging for this sine Halo CE

Forge was an extremely robust and awesome feature in Reach. The only downfall was that there were no “texture sets” to make the maps look different.

What could improve Forge going forward would be to include texture sets for Human, Covenant and Forerunner. That way, even though the maps would be made with the same set of objects, they could at least have different “feels” instead of all being made up of gray boxes and buildings.

Also, make a couple different choices for Skybox. Think of the skyboxes in maps like:
Or even enclosed skyboxes like

Also, make the ground textures selectable like Grassland, Snow, Desert, etc.

I think those changes would make it a MUCH more interesting tool and would give people the power to create truly unique custom maps. As far as Pelicans and Phantoms… I’m pretty sure nobody cares if those are included. It’s hard enough to get strangers to jump into a warthog. Let alone 5 people to hop in a Pelican.

> Forge was an extremely robust and awesome feature in Reach. The only downfall was that there were no “texture sets” to make the maps look different.

Although I agree that texture sets would be an awesome feature if implemented in H4, I personally didn’t see the lack of them in Reach as a downfall necessarily.

IMO (and at the risk of beating a dead horse, since I’ve said this in other Forge threads), the biggest downfall of Reach’s Forge were those rotation glitches; they’ve given me no end of grief. Once I have the rotation for an object set, I don’t want it to shift one degree from that unless I want it to. I don’t want an object that I’ve set to 90, 0, 0 to shift back and forth between that and 90, -180, -180 every time I open the map (especially since the difference between those two actually affect the appearance, as well as the functionality in some cases, of the object in question, even if only slightly).

I also really wish they would change the rotation scheme to be more intuitive, so that turning something 90 degrees on the pitch (aka x) doesn’t screw up the yaw and roll (y and z) and cause it to go all askew instead of doing what I would naturally expect it to do. I heard once that it’s because in Reach, the three rotational axis (pitch, yaw, and roll) are not calculated individually, but sequentially, with each one affected by the preceding value. Often, to get something to where you want it, you have to figure out some obscure, seemingly random combination of the three. Maybe it makes some sort of complicated sense to an engineer or a mathematician, but to your average person, it’s just a mess at times.

I think that they should allow you to have different colors, lighting, and different choice in maps. I got really bored of Reach because there is only 1 good forge map. Its cool and all, but I think we should be able to have more than 1 map. I also think it would be neat if we could use different ships in forge.

Cipher you do have very great worthy points about Halo 4’s Forge, however I do not think that the opening/closing doors and destructibility would be an easy thing to do. If these could be incorporated along with the Pelicans/Phantoms (Which I would love) and the great weather FX idea into a separate disc created just for forge and custom games perhaps, that would just be spectacular.

The biggest issue that I believe needs to be addressed is that the “Forge Designated” maps need to have some FLAT areas. Reach’s Forge World was amazing and full of room, but lacked a large enough flat outdoor area. This may not occur as a problem to someone else, but I enjoy created well rounded maps in forge; not ones that float. Halo 3’s Sandbox was my favorite map ever. Its three levels allowed for players to build in large flat indoor, outdoor, and open areas. If Forge World’s spacious area and tools and Halo 3’s flat, outdoor, well-rounded maps could be sewn together and your great ideas were included Halo 4’s Forge would be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.