Halo 4's dying.

It is now number 3 on Xbox Live, now before you say “hur dur how is that dying.” Well simple, Minecraft has sold 5 million copies on Xbox, and Halo 4 sold 7 million, Halo 4 has been out for 2 months, Minecraft has been out for 7 months and Minecraft: Xbox Edition still is beating Halo 4 on Major Neilson’s Most Played Xbox Games List.

Halo 4 is Microsoft’s Crown Jewel, cost 100 million dollars to make. Minecraft is just an Arcade game. And Minecraft even has a PC version

Let’s face it Halo is dying. :frowning:

Halo 4 isn’t dying.
It’s just writhing on the floor, bleeding like a stuck pig while we all stare right at it.

I was surprised as hell when Minecraft360 actually sold so much, since the PC version is more up-to-date, has mod support, and gives you more of your money’s worth.

It began dying when 343i decided that smashing their faces into the keyboard was considered ‘balancing the weapons’.

The Last Time I checked people are playing the game


maybe this time 343 will take a hint…

> The Last Time I checked people are playing the game

Didn’t say it was dead, I said it was dying.

> The Last Time I checked people are playing the game

I don’t think a butter knife will quite cut it pun not intended for this one.

The thing is, I love Halo 4. And it’s sad to see this coming.

Dont forget that was the last week of free from school/job due to holidays, so the fact that Minecraft still beats Halo 4 speaks for it self on how bad it is doing.

I hope the population falls below 50k. Its the only way -Yoink!- will realize they messed up and need to go back to the old formula.