Halo 4's DLC plans explained + concept art

So 343 has shown off their plains of the future Halo 4 DLC and released concept art for each map. Watch this and tell me what you think

Do you think any of those will be able to support a Mammoth? I WANT A MAMMOTH, they just look to awesome not to be in multiplayer. Don’t you think so? Anyways tell me what you guys think of these maps!

1st map pack: Crimson Map Pack - 3 maps released in December
2nd map pack: Majestic Map Pack - 3 maps released in February
3rd Map Pack: Castle Map Pack - 3 maps released in April

Crimson Map names - Wreckage, Harvest, Shatter
Majestic names - Landfall, Monolith, Skyline
Castle names - Daybreak, Outcast, Perdition

I think 343i should go with the DLC model similar to what DICE did with BF3… (I hate premium so not that) Have maps, assignments and new weapons, and perhaps they could put new vehicles on these maps.

Looks good to me!

I’m inclined to think that one of each maps in each map pack is going to be forgable–namely, Outcast, Landfall, and Shatter. Outcast certainly looks big enough for Mammoths to me.

Still no Covenant/Storm themed maps?

Kind of disappointing. Still, interesting find OP.