Halo 4's Armory.

In Halo 4, They need to make the armory look a whole lot better than it did in Reach.

In Halo 3, their were around 7 sets of armor, and they all looked good in their own way. And they were all unique. For example, securtiy - Your spartans head looked like a Bubble! but it still looked awesome. Same goes for EOD = your spartan had shades and what seemed to be a breathing apparatus.

In halo Reach they made all the armors very similar. I was especially dissappointed how Security looks now. its just two curves shoved into a visor. In EOD the spartan lost his Shades. In EVA, the spartan lost the markings on his visor. In scout, it didn’t look a lot like it did in Halo 3 (but i actually like the look of the current one, they should have called it SNIPER helmet and kept the original scout helmet alongside it). Recon actaully looked great, but too bad you didn’t have to do some crazy achievements that took about 2 weeks of dedication, Instead you could unlock this “Haunted” Armor, but you had to play the game for like 999,999,999 Hours. And my biggest dissappointment was that their was no skulls on any maps in Halo Reach, so no new helmets for that:( .

I just hope that they make the armory more unique with each armor set in halo 4. Is anyone with me?

Are you trolling?

I do miss the original scout.

Yes, I hope they put all new armour and old armour in the armoury. I love the way every spartan is unique. I still haven’t come across anyone who looks the same as me. It’s great the amount of customisation in Halo reach but in Halo 4 they need more.

> Are you trolling?

Obviously im not.

Firefight voices, we need more firefight voices, here’s a list of possible candidates: Arbiter, Miranda Keyes, Captain Keyes, Half-Jaw, 343 Guilty Spark, and the entire RvB cast (343 if you can put in no other voices, please put in Caboose.).


Halo 3 armory was shallow and looked like crap. I don’t see why people are desperate for achievement armor either. I’d say reaching a high rank and playing the game enough to get the required Cr is an achievement in itself.

Ranking in reach is stupid. the only ranked playlist is team slayer in Arena.

Time-based ranking systems ARE VERY DUMB!

look at the second post