Halo 4's and Reach's servers are down. Why?

To 343 and its community managers:

For the last couple of weeks, Halo Reach has been completely unplayable online for every single one of my friends. As of today, it looks like Halo 4 is experiencing many of the same issues. The player counts for every playlist are 0 except Slayer is showing 1 and BTB is showing 2. I haven’t been playing Halo 3 regularly, but I hear similar issues are happening on those servers as well.

Something is clearly not right with these games and the community needs some real answers. Not “we’re working on a fix” but what is actually going on. Why are the servers for these games simultaneously having issues that are rendering PVP unplayable?

Many of us still play these games and don’t have or want the MCC. Many of us are still making the climb to Inheritor in Reach. We just want to continue uninterrupted by server downtime. And if downtime is expected, clear communication from the developer would dampen the blow considerably. We just want communication. I just checked the official Halo Twitter account and not a single word about these massive server issues in multiple games, some of the most played console games of all time. How is this acceptable? We don’t care about “community creations”. We care about getting back to playing the games 343 is now in charge of.

Please make this right.

There appears to be some issues with Reach at the moment including matchmaking services and the ability to pull information / stats from your profile. 343 are aware and are currently investigating. As we have multiple topics open for this I’m re-directing to a central topic that can be used to keep track of things:

Please also not that there will be maintenance performed on legacy server starting tomorrow. You can keep up to date with that in this thread: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/36cecc379ca14abd918029d359551927/topics/reach-halo-3-odst-maintenance-5-29—5-30/408b60be-3604-4769-bd4e-bccccba64e38/posts