Halo 4's Action Sack Playlist

I think that Halo 4 DEFINITELY needs to follow what Halo 3 did for Action Sack AND NOT REACH. I’m not bashing Reach or trying to make it sound like the worst thing ever (I thought it to be pretty good on it’s own… just not as a Halo title), but Reach’s Action Sack just lacks all of the fun that Action Sack had in Halo 3.

It doesn’t really give me that sense of just relaxing and doing ridiculous things I would never do in competitive matchmaking, but instead to me just feels like a bunch of strange team slayer concepts that didn’t make it into their own playlists(for a reason). There ARE SOME good games to be played in Reach’s Action Sack, but it just lacks the overall feel of an online custom game.

Remember gametypes from Halo 3 like Run for Cover, Dodgeball, and, Team Sumo? I really believe that Halo 4 should have an Action Sack made up of gametypes like THAT. Nothing like Dino Blasters, Hockey, or any other types of games that don’t make you feel good about yourself in the end. I leave more Reach Action Sack games feeling frustrated and annoyed, rather than care-free and happy.

This is me and what I believe Halo 4 deserves, but what does the rest of the community think? What direction would you like to see Action Sack take in the future… that is, assuming it HAS a future. Who knows? Maybe it will be dropped completely…

I will say, I do love me some Action Sack. There were some really bad game types in Halo Reach’s Action Sack but it did have a few good ones. I did enjoy Dino Blasters every now and then. In my opinion, the point of Action Sack is to feel like your playing a custom game in matchmaking. I completely agree with you, Halo 3 had great games in Action Sack. I loved Dodgeball and I will say Halo Reach’s Hockey isn’t too bad.

All in all, I hope Action Sack is continued in Halo 4.

Reach had too many slayer spinoffs in actionsack. Halo 3 did a really good job at it. What action sack really needs to be is a bunch of the most random gametypes all put together in a nice playlist. I miss Zues and Sumo :frowning: lock the door… I would add other things like indiana jones and plasma ball :smiley:

Action Sack should stay, it offers freedom and fun in a new way. Sadly, while Action Sack in Halo 3 meant competitive fun and somewhat skilled gametypes or fun, Action Sack in Reach means strange and extremely random gametypes which require more luck then skill, or pure “get easy assassins” playlists.
I miss the days of Sumo, Fiesta, pit of joy, even dodge ball. Dino, hockey and all that’s in Reach feels less fun, trying to hard to be “cool new serious gametype” or just “re-inventing FPS gaming” by adding new elements that are plain boring.

Bump. Now that Halo 4 is out, an Action Sack playlist should be added. Waypoint already talked about Binary Slayer that could be a good gametype to be added as well as previous gametypes. I find Halo 4 matchmaking too stressful sometimes so a playlist where you can let loose everything and relax I think is much needed.