Halo 4orge

I’m coining the term now - Halo 4’s Forge will now be called Halo 4orge. In the development stages, all projects need a secret codename. As this isn’t a secret, we’ll go with cheesy instead.

Can I get an amen for an undo button?

Indeed! But it needs to be "leet"ier. Like 4ge!

But Amen!

Agreed, this term is too legit to quit. It must become official!!! Halo 4orge!!!

Yeah I like that one better.

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[Campaign |
[Matchmaking |
[4ge |



Hell yes. An undo button. So when I -Yoink- up badly I don’t have to worry.

Undo Button
Better rotation snap (say I want 45 degrees on both x and y or x and z axis)
Object colour more alterable.
Editable objects (set length / width / depth)
Editable textures – PLEASE!
Editable terrain
Dynamic objects. For example a gate (with editable dimensions) can be toggled open / close from a terminal.

Ridiculous idea, imo.