Halo 4ge

What do you guys think the Halo 4 Forge should include? The idea of changing the weather is awesome and they should include more new features. 343 didn’t do their true best with Halo Anniversary, and this is their chance to turn the Halo series into either a bestseller or a bomb. I want to see what they can do in terms of Forge. Bungie left them a huge empire to control, but if they don’t use it wisely, then Halo will unfortunately crash and burn, and I don’t think anyone wants that to happen. So tell me what you think 343 should do with Halo 4ge in order to make it as epic as the other 2 Forge games…

LOL @ title.

  1. textures for items, im sick of grey stuff

  2. more rocks and grass, i like a lot of natural maps

  3. please make the spawns and objectives simple!! halo reach forge was insufferable due to them

That’s exactly what I want and they should change the textures… Gray is boring…

I don’t know.

Weather Effects were concepted but then later scrapped by Bungie when deciding on Forge World but I’m thinking 343 Industries might pick up on that.

I would say in future, 343 Industries should try to create much smaller and sceneric objects to implement in maps as well as vast canvas pieces. The lack of small objects like Computers and Floodlights in some of Halo: Reach’s maps are a bit disappointing but Forge World wipes that away easily.

Instead of having one distinct texture of all structures (forerunner) they should give the option, as stated before, to give different textures (forerunner, human, covenant, flood, rock, overgrown, etc.) to structure as if they were the team color option for stuctures.

Add skins to human vehicles (normal, tundra,jungle,desert,camo, battle scars) To make it more customizable

Firefight forge

Weather effects(stormy,calm,fog,snow)

Daytime effects(night,midday,twilight)

phantoms and pelicans (at least for bases!)

texture to environment (glassed, grassy,snow,rocky,metal,etc.)

Skybox options (Space/low orbit,sunny,war torn,cloudy/thunderstorm)

varying terrain (flat, mountains,cliffs,lake,huge cave,hills,etc.)

Last but not least
Give it a halo feel.

> LOL @ title.

On topic, I’d like to see:

-Weather (rain, snow, fog).
-Textures that we can place over forge objects to give them a new look (metal, ice, stone, wood).
-A “snap-to” feature. It would be helpful for building… buildings with blocks.
-Fingers crossed for a terrain editor
-More natural objects, like trees.
-More special FX.

I like the title. :smiley:

You understand if they follow this that DLC will be crazy? I mean they can’t make any money off of it because you can virtually make any map in the forge mode!

A few things I want are

-cars like in halo 3, you can’t drive them but they are there

-make it easier to make objective maps

-If you have a primary forge map then make a snow version, a desert version, and a rainy version

-more skins for walls so it isn’t always grey

-more senery like in halo 3

> I like the title. :smiley:

Then you’d love my site!

On topic, I don’t think anything mentioned in this thread will become a reality, far too complex for a Halo engine.

I would like some advanced forging tools, such as symmetry tools, UNDO, and a welding/pairing option. A navpoint system would also be great, where you would select “Mark all of these” from the “B” menu, and each instance of that object will receive a Waypoint (or just the closest 10, to avoid HUD crowding).

If they are sticking with good 'ol 343 as the Forge Monitor, I would like them to add a togglable speech option, where Tim Dadabo would say cool stuff when you do something. For instance if you complete a spawn system, 343 would say, “I am a genius”. I could see this getting annoying, though. Hence the toggle option.

I feature I’ve been pondering lately is the Spartan-Edit mode, where you can edit the properties of an object whilst in spartan mode. Spawning and moving would of course be strictly Monitor only, be being able to press Up on the D-PAD and change for instance a spawn time, or spare mags, would be convenient.

They need to fix rotation snap, as well.

A system to determine what game-type label an object has without going into the advanced menu would also be great. I would suggest a hovering text above the item, when the monitor “enable-hovers” across the object. Handy for fully compatible maps, as it often takes ages to find a CTF Res Zone underneath 10 different re-spawn zones.

Some kind of dynamic coloring would be great. Forge-world had pieces which you could change the color of the lights, but improving this would offer huge rewards.

Oh, and I almost forgot: PLEASE REMOVE THE LIGHTING FROM FORGE PIECES. Those annoying pieces that light up when you get near them DESTROY map performance. PLEASE :wink: