"Halo 4..."

“…will be the last Halo on this console generation.”

-Frank O’Connor, HaloFest 2011

Swear on my life. That’s what he said. Go YouTube it.

If anyone doesn’t BS around at 343i, it’s Ol’ reliable Frankie.

I love Halo 4, I like 343i. But with all the hate 343i is getting, I honestly think NOT making Halo 2: Anniversary would be a REALLY BAD MOVE.

But, 343i has to learn from their mistakes. Now if H2:A were to come out on 360 and NextBox (sort of like the transition of Original Xbox and 360, as long as MS doesn’t neglect the 360 like they did with OX) then it should hopefully be ok. But only time will tell.

Why would they make another Halo for the 360? There are 5 of them as it is.

Whats the point of a Halo 2 Anniversary? It make sense for Halo CE since it was the First of the Series.
And if they did make an anniversary I doubt they would give it a separate multiplayer, and instead just do like CEA did with Reach multiplayer

Honestly making Halo 2 anniversary a next xbox launch title is probably a good way to show off what the new machine is capable of.

I have a feeling Halo 5 will be releasing with the Xbox 720, which is sad because I really don’t want to purchase the first model of the 720 just so I can play Halo 5. :frowning:

> I have a feeling Halo 5 will be releasing with the Xbox 720, which is sad because I really don’t want to purchase the first model of the 720 just so I can play Halo 5. :frowning:

The odds of halo 5 coming out this year are slim to none. Unless of course they want to shovel out games and suffer quality for quantity anything is possible. But next gen consoles will be out this year and I dont see halo 5 coming out a year after halo 4, H2:A I can see being a launch title though.

Halo 2 Anniversary would be a nice launch title Why ?
They can add A new spartan ops wouldn’t make sense but better than just campaign and MM.
Maybe firefight and a combo of 3/reach MM theater and a new type of forge and something new.

This isn’t a surprise. though i doubt halo 5 won’t come out till the end of next year in november.

Cant remember my Halo timelines too well, were there still other Spartan II teams at the same time as Halo 2 if not it can always be ODST ops lol. Or bring in the opposite side and have Covenant Ops

To be honest I really don’t want to see a H2 Anniversary. Because it wont have Multiplayer. It will just have a campaign.

But if it did come out they would probably make some old school maps that were loved by many for Halo 4.

My guess they would probably be:

  1. Lockout
  2. Mid Ship
  3. Coagulation
  4. Waterworks
  5. Zanzibar

These were probably my top 5 favorite H2 Maps and I know many people like these as well.

I wouldn’t mind playing Halo 2’s campaign with shiny new graphics.

If we can switch between new and old during campaign, that’s great but if they have old maps don’t just remake them, include the original versions as well, in Halo CE Anniversary I did not enjoy seeing the new versions just having the vehicles and weapons moved around to look like the original. If they do bring out they originals and remakes don’t add any killzones to the original copies, back in the Halo 2 days I was unable to spot a single killzone, and I loved it. As for campaign the same rule applies, don’t add killzones. But of course if such a remake is made for Halo 2 make sure to keep the old easter eggs in campaign, also keep the unintended objects as well. (Scarab Gun) I’m just praying for a Halo 2 remake so I can relive the nostalgia with friends.

Well, if the unannounced HAlo 2 Anniversary comes out, it will be next year (2014), hopefully a year into the NextBox’s service life.