Halo 4 Youtube Uploading

Hey guys, I had an idea that it would be cool if every Halo 4 member could freely render a recorded clip and that would automatically upload to your Youtube account, which could be linked from your xbox to here. Similarly like the MW3 rendering system. I think it would expand and make the community a whole lot better.

Yeah Just Cause 2 had this feature on the PS3 version. I think it would be awesome if Halo 4 had this feature as well. :smiley:


That would be awesome - I’m looking to upload some Xbox gameplay to my channel, mainly because most of my best games are on the Xbox. I’m hoping to get a capture card soon with spare money I get, but this feature would make it a lot easuer.

It certainly wouldn’t harm 343i and Microsoft in terms of advertisement. We would literally be paying them to get other people interested in Halo 4.

Looking at it from a fun and community based idea, yeah. I think people would enjoy that.

I use a capture card so I wouldn’t need it but it’s still a good idea.

However, from a business point of view, among other things I doubt it’ll happen very much.

Seems amazing,I would love to render my gameplays rather than bothering my friend to record the game when he gets the chance.
Theater mode BETTER BE IN HALO4!!