Halo 4 xp spartan assualt xboxone not working

I’ve completed all challenge requirements on Spartan Assault on xbox one. When I put in the codes to get the extra xp for Halo4 on my xbox 360, it says I need to complete the achievement first. Is anyone else having this problem and has anyone figured out a way to correct the issue?

This was the main reason I purchased this game and would fairly pissed if I can’t get the xp.

So you followed this:

But used the code specifically for the Xbox One?

I only have spartan assault for the xbox one. I’ve tried putting the code in on my Waypoint on Xbox360 (since there is no app for waypoint yet on the xbox one) and I still get this error code that says I need to unlock the achievements first. I have gold stars on the first 5 missions, silver on the next two.

The only code I was able to get to work was recommend by someone on another forum. That code was the “flying colors” code.

The three codes listed on the link provided will not work, the error code says I still need the achievements.

Does waypoint take a week to sync or something?

Here’s a list of the achievement dates according to Way point stats in case you were wondering if I just hadn’t gotten the required achievements.

Recruit 10 G
Earn a star of any type in an operation mission
Unlocked 12/24/2013

Prodigy 10 G
Earn your first Gold star in an operation mission
Unlocked 12/25/2013

Looks like I will have to re-iterate over here.
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> > yea same problem. Was able to use the flying colors code though.
> The Recruit, Prodigy and Able Spartan codes only apply to the Windows 8 version of Spartan Assault.
> The Flying Colors code to which you refer is the code that Xbox 360 and Xbox One Spartan Assault owners may use to acquire the stance, skin, emblem and concept art as well as 50,000 EXP.
> If you have both Windows 8 version and Xbox One/Xbox 360 version then you will receive the 50,000 EXP from the Flying Colors code on top of the EXP gained from thre three Windows 8 Spartan Assault codes.