Halo 4 XP CAP, ** help **

HALO 4 exp CAP.

I’m level 33, big fan of the game, till… I got a message
I bought 70$ worth of Mountain Dew for the double xp
And they cap me? I’ve played 10 games before noticing
And I just wasted my money, time AND double xp games.
Is there ANYWAY you can reset my xp cap because of my double xp? I want to level and this makes it VERY hard.
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i think its a joke ive had the day off work so i just wanted to play halo 4 today and ive been capped i don’t even get the bonus experiance for doing my commendations!
that has to go!

im only level 36 and for some reason ive been xp capped i havnt even used a double xp. why are they capping people who are enjoying their game?

Seriously, this game was so good until I just got an “Online xp limit reached” message. This is BS! How do you run a DoubleXP promotion then have an xp limit? This is by far the most idiotic thing I’ve seen in this game. Why would you keep one of the worst ideas from Reach, why?

Seriously, 343, remove the xp limit!

P.S. I love everything else about this game, don’t let this ruin the game.

Lol an EXP cap? This could be why my friend flipped out after he didn’t gain anymore EXP after 3 games in a row last night, do they think they are saving their fans lives by putting them off from playing the game continuesly?

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It’s really dumb. I think they are trying to extend the life of their game so people won’t get thru all the ranks by January like it happens in cod. Still, you can’t have double xp promos and have an XP cap because once players hit that cap, they say “screw this, I’m going to bed.” until tomorrow. They’ll probably remove this once they feel the xp amounts people get aren’t too much (like in spartan ops. 5000 xp w/o double xp in 8 minutes) I think they’ll get rid of it eventually.

Its not that big of a deal. Whatever happened to playing a game for the gameplay? Look at Halo 2, there was nothing to unlock on that game and yet still probably the best Halo.

Get this crap fixed its been a blizzard outside for 2 days but I refuse to play more halo until I’m earning xp. Ridiculous…

there should be no xp cap its stupid thing to have on a video game let us play and keep leveling

> I refuse to play more halo until I’m earning xp. Ridiculous…

Sorry but I find this attitude absolutely hysterical.

I wish we had that Mountain Dew offer here :confused: Then i’d bath in the stuff and never sleep for weeks.

How long does the cap last once you have it ?

If you think the EXP cap is stupid then maybe you should moderate the amount of time you spend playing a game and go do something else?

Or you can just keep playing because the game is fun. Either or.

343, please remove the cap limit. If not now, because I’ve read up on your reasoning and I somewhat understand your stance, then remove the cap soon rather than never. On another note please fix the connectivity of players within a game. I feel like lag and host switching happen way too often for the most part. Thank you!

If we had skill levels to work toward, we wouldn’t care about this exp cap.

But again, when we have a perception of playing for nothing, why play?

This is hard to believe!! What if you rank up until the last level within one day? Is not what we all are looking for? At least i always try to reach max level with less time possible.

True fan of the game will play over and over, besides, with all DLC comming up, i guess they will not stop playing.

but, mmhh… are 343 afraid of CoD2 ???

i havent even bought any double xp stuff, mountain dew or doritos, but today after playing a lot of spartan ops games i got the xp limit message

This XP cap limit is stupid, i’m level 47 and i’m just able to rank up 2 times before i cap for the day, and this is just 2h30 mins of gameplay during the day. WTF is this? I bought their game to play it and earn xp as i want not playing only a few minutes then being capped, i think next week the only thing i’m gonna do is play the little 2h of halo 4 to be capped then go in black ops 2 and get AS MUCH XP AS I WANT.

You guys are all stupid, it’s funny reading the posts from people who didn’t notice the cap after 5+ games, really? Also funny, how you guys missed the point of the cap, the cap is here because of the boosters who try to ruin the game. Also, don’t be mad that you spent a ton of money on mtn dew to get capped its your own fault. I didn’t know people actually cared to spend that much money for an online rank that means nothing, well, at least normal people that is don’t care.

I understand the idea behind the cap, to prevent people from leveling too fast and for boosters/exploiters. But for those of us who actually play fair and just want to have fun on the rare days that we actually have off from work and school, it really sucks.

I agree that gaming has become a bit of a “playing for something or not at all” type deal, but when it comes down to it, it is the way that games have evolved. I grew up playing the atari 2600, have had every console ever since, and have played thousands of games in my lifetime. I love gaming, I work for a major retail gaming company, and I am going to school to make games. But both of those things take up most of my time, and in the off chance I am off from work or school, all I want to do is play a game that I just shelled out a 100 dollars for (Limited Edition). But after a few hours of gameplay, I reach this stupid cap, and guess what I don’t see the point in playing a game, that you have all these things to unlock, all these levels to reach, but yet they make it to where you can’t because you played too much that day. I have played every Halo on Legendary (except Halo Wars(doesn’t count, I hate RTS)), by myself, because I love the challenge, but when I spend my day off trying to get as much play time as I can, and to level as much as I can, so that I can stay ahead of the curve of the others who actually have time to play every day, this XP cap completely impedes me from doing so.

343i, please fix this.