Halo 4 xp and challenges my solutions.


The challenges in halo 4 are plain and simple much like reach if you have played enough halo reach and gained enough credits from doing tedious challenges that I see reappear in 2 weeks this is a trend in both games.

Another thing is the challenges are to easy in halo 4 e.g War games monthly The challenge To the victor goes the spoils it takes only 30 games won to earn 30,000 xp easily. This makes the easily achievable Rank 130 last shorter.

Solutions or fixes to the challenges
• Make the challenges combine with game types that need players here is an example idea VIRUS worth 3000 xp challenge infect 30 people. This would help the gametype flood very esily and i know there are some already but we could use something different.

•Make the maximum xp for a challenge in spartan ops or war games 20,000 xp but for challenges in the campaign session specifically the dreaded laso challenges these are the challenges people should be searching for a team to get the greatly seeked out reward of high xp.

•Since there is only 130 levels maybe if you do decide to make a future dlc bring something with it like and extra 200 levels and when you unlock certain levels you can get some classic emblems or armor for nostalgia. An example of nostalgia for me and many of my friends would be an emblem Fleur-de-lis.

If you can make sense of this very poorly written topic feel free to reply.

Thank you for taking your time reading this -Gerryx1