Halo 4 Xbox console?

I haven’t seen this topic touched once, so I thought I’d go ahead and bring up what’s been on my mind.

Halo 4 console. Since Halo CE came out there has been a special Xbox for every Halo game (save ODST, Wars, and Anniversary).

Halo CE Xbox

Halo 2 Xbox (and)

Halo 3 Xbox

Halo Reach Xbox

So where is our Halo 4 Xbox Console?? Is there going to be one? Would YOU buy it?

CE’s looks the best IMO.

And yes
,there has to be,

Nothing has been announced yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the announcement of one closer to launch though.

The Halo 1 xbox was released in 2004, and the Halo 2 Xbox was exclusive to Canada and Asia, so I’m not so sure you can really count them.

As for Halo 3’s, that was to celebrate the end of a trilogy, and Halo Reach’s was in celebration of both the new 360 Slim and the final Bungie-made Halo title.

Honestly, I would prefer 343 hold off making another Halo Xbox until Halo 6.

It’s probably gonna be an Xbox 361 version

I agree with the rest, there probably will be. I say we will find out sometime in August. That said, never realized there were that many Halo Xboxes.

EDIT: Maybe if I win the lotto this weekend I will search the internet for each of those consoles. :wink: One can hope right?

I hope they stop making new exclusive xbox consoles. The 360 only has another year or so of lifespan left.

I do hope we get one…and yes I would buy it. I am in need of a new Xbox and am waiting for this info as well.

I would so buy the H4 Xbox!!

I had the Halo 3 Xbox, but it fried :(. I’d like to buy another Halo console. Cause I still have an Elite from the 2009 Fall Halo 3 bundle. The console bundle would have to include an awesome console design, controllers maybe like the Halo 3 ones with the artwork on them, and the Limited Edition. Nothing less, nothing more. But I don’t understand why they would have a console bundle and not a LEGENDARY EDITION, if they did that, that would be a -Yoink- move.