Halo 4 xbox Console Technical Question

So I ordered the xbox limited edition console from Gamestop (my xbox 360 slim is still in good condition so I still get some bucks from selling it) and I had ordered the Limited Edition game. I’m picking up the limited edition game at Bestbuy the morning of the 6th. The new console though might not come until the day after (1 day shipping it said)…

So, the question is if I use my older xbox and download the codes and all (forest skin, fotus, etc), will I not be able to download it again on my new console or is it linked to my gamertag? Also, could one day shipping mean the same day (that would be the best)…Thanks!

If you’re getting the console shortly after the game, just wait to DL everything. I’m not sure how long after your initial download you can do a license transfer to transfer all that stuff.

Thanks! I could still play the game on my older console without worrying if anything transfers automatically, right? A whole day waiting would be so hard (especially since I have a day off that day)…

You’ll be able to redownload anything you’ve previously downloaded through your download history.

You can then transfer the licenses to your new Xbox following this link (it’s a link to an official Xbox page before people think I’m duping you into seeing spoilers).

Bookmarked! Thanks!

You can always redownload things with the Xbox, think of it once you buy something through your account, you can download it from that account.