Halo 4 Will Not Load

I am having Halo 4 issues, and have for about a week now. My Xbox will not play any copy of the game. I have an old standard with my old Xbox360 Elite (circa 2008) 120 HD attached (RROD claimed my Elite). I put the disc for my Limited Edition in and it does not play. The Xbox /knows/ that it is a copy of Halo 4, it just won’t play the game. I download the game onto my HD… and it says “game is unavailable” and tells me to look on the support website, which did not help. My Xbox will also not update my copy of Waypoint… at all. It keeps telling me “the service is temporarily unavailable”… the same message I get when I try to DL a digital copy of Halo 4. This is getting to be a very annoying problem. The discs work fine on other 360’s, but my 360 won’t recognize any copy of Halo 4 or play it.

Is there anything I can do short of buying a new Xbox and finding some way to transfer my old style HD information to a new Hard Drive?