Halo 4: Will it be Like Halo 3 or Reach?

This is the only thing that is concerning me about the upcoming Halo 4. And maybe it is because we are lacking a lot of information and gameplay coverage with the multiplayer. However based on the current facts about what we all know about Halo 4, which game do you think it will be more like in terms of gameplay?

Personally the fundamental flaws with Reach are this: slower movement speed, strafe, and jump height that had AA’s tacked ontop to make up for the inheritance in lost abilities with being a S3. Plus bloom ruined the pace of the game and interruped the natural flow of the game.

Im for one hoping Halo 4 will be like Halo 3 with AA’s. We know that the movement, strafe, and jump height are back like how they were in Halo 3 (they have said its all faster, im assuming faster than Reach). Given that I really believe that the core of what makes Halo a great MP will be there out of the gate, and that if we are left with the current set of known AA’s, that this will be the return of the Halo MP population and Halo once again being at the top of the leaderboards.

Looks more like Reach 2 right now

Looks like Halo 4 to me.

I hope it takes the best of both and adds some new flavor of its own.

Hopefully neither, because I want a new game.


It looks like Halo 4.

In all seriousness, I think it’s closer to being Halo 3 than Reach, but, that said, it’s miles away from being a copy of any previous Halo games which I’m most certainly glad about.

It looks like it will be a heavily mixed version of the two. The combat seems to be more like Halo 3, while the choices given to players to influence this combat are very much like Reach’s.

Halo 4 really looks like Halo 4. In fact no other game looks like Halo 4 better than Halo 4!

It will be it’s own game based on all of the Halo’s.

Ideally it’d be neither.

In the end, it looks like Halo 4. But from what we’ve seen, it looks like the combat is back to it’s good ole Halo 3 style. High jumps, fast movement, responsive strafing, no bloom, no OP grenades or weapons.

Life is good.

To me it looks like Halo 3 and Reach together. It’s turning out way better than most people think. I wouldn’t mind having a massively improved version of Reach with Halo 3.
So far, it’s turning out to be like Halo 4 in a unique way.

I think it’s definitely something separate from either. In some aspects it takes traits of halo 3 (the movement speed, jump height, strafe, shield system, the BR), and in other ways it has reach traits (the AA’s and load outs), but it manages to do so without being a halo 3.5 or Reach 2, especially with the new custom load outs, larger sandbox, and power weapon spawn system. It really seems as if halo 4 is going to be a very new feel.

Personally I believe all the AA’s are going to function differently and more balanced than their reach predecessors, which would be fantastic. And as for maps in the game, I’m really hoping for halo 3 style > reach, even though perfect would be halo 2 quality maps, in my opinion.

what is it with the bloom hate? honestly, I have not played ODST or Reach (somehow they did not attract me…especially Reach) but I thought bloom was just a visual effect, is there another meaning to it that I am ignoring or was the visual effect so awful it actually dusrpted the game?

From what I’ve seen, they’re trying to preserve the classic Halo experience, while crafting something entirely new. In terms of gameplay, Halo 4 seems to emulate the sandbox variety of Halo: Combat Evolved, and the fast-paced movement of Halo 3. Overall, it seems they’re taking the best parts of all previous Halo titles, and mixing them with brand-new ideas.

A combination of Halo 3, Reach and CoD. You have to admit that it’s true. Joining in-progress, custom loadouts, Spartan Points, default sprint + an extra AA…

I hope 343 manages to balance all of it.

I think it will be more like reach.

Looks like the best of both worlds(cue hannah montana)

> Looks like the best of both worlds(cue hannah montana)

Something good had to come out of Reach for that to be the case