Halo 4 will have humans AND covenant. (w/ source) [MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!]

Hey, read on an online article that the planet that MC is headed towards can be described by a journalist like so:

“The outside is very industrial and features a wide range of hostile Forerunner tech and AI. The video showed space combat here. The inside of the planetoid is hollow and is sectioned off in to many tiers/bands (almost resembling Halo rings) that feature a myriad of natural environments not only resembling earth’s but many other alien terrains.”
Source: http://segmentnext.com/2011/06/09/halo-4-leaked-plot-features-and-gameplay-detailed/#ixzz1RCLVRNSm

And I believe that the planetoid they are headed towards is a shield world. and if you google a “shield world” it is a ficticious type of planet made up in the halo books, it is a hollow planet that was made by the forerunners that keeps different species safe from, I think it might be from the blast of a halo ring firing? not too sure.

But I think that you will land inside on one of the tiers which may be species pereserved from humanity or species preserved from sanghelios etc etc for each planet w/ life on it. It is kind of like a paralell unverse (more like paralell planetoid) because it has the same species of every kind of species on it including humans and aliens. Any how, I think that maybe the humans will be in a war they are losing against the elites or covenant, and the chief will help them all get back to Earth in Halo 4.

And then in Halo 5 it would make sense if those covenant followed the humans to earth and they are stuck in a war w/ the covenant once again. However the covenant will meet the paralell existance of the elites which have sided w/ the humans and their will be great political uproar in the sanghelian government and the elites sided w/ the humans will be claimed traitors of some sort and the paralell covenant will try to destroy the humans once they learn that they have destroyed several halo rings, which will be offensive to their religion…

Is it just me or does the above make sense? I hope Im not spoiling anything 343i XD that will be smooth if the above is completely accurate.

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2.Frankie said this was false.

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