Halo 4....Why ?....

Ok, so the ability to join in-game isn’t annoying to me, i always thought halo kinda needed this because of all the little -Yoinks!- who love to quit games because they didn’t get the gametype they wanted. (you know who you are if you get mad at that statement), Sprint being available at all times and being default doesn’t annoy me either, PEOPLE we’re playing as biologically engineered super soldier, THEY. SHOULD. BE. ABLE. TO. RUN !, now, what really REALLY annoys me is, X to respawn. “Forerunner Vision”. Map weapons spawn via drop pods. Return of Armor Abilities. and no firefight.

Ok so lets narrow down why there are ALL bad ideas/changes.

X to Respawn: WTF am I playing ? Super CoD ? -Yoink- NO !, I want to play HALO !, having to Hit X to Respawn is a TERRIBLE idea. say you kill a guy, he hits X to spawn, you’re shields aren’t charged yet. I’m sorry to say this buddy but. you’re pretty -Yoinked!- !, now don’t get me wrong, this COULD be useful…BUT ONLY IN OBJECTIVE GAMES !!! AND TEAMS HAVE TO SPAWN, IN ! THEIR ! SPAWN ! not anywhere on the map !

Forerunner Vision: ok I’m sorry but this is just plain stupid. like wtf !, in CoD we can shoot through walls, so in HALO we can see through them ? not cool at all, some people actually use hiding behind walls for a short period of time for a tactic. I can also promise you that seeing through wall will INCREASE GRENADE SPAMMING !, if you can see the enemy behind a wall…whats your first thought ?..THROW A -Yoinking!- GRENADE !

Weapon Drop Pods: ok this is also really stupid, I mean it does kinda balance out a map in a way so that everyone spawns with the same -Yoink- and we have to wait for the weapons kinda like how the sword takes time to spawn on Zealot, but other than that i find this kinda redundant and stupid.

Returning of Armor Abilities: HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING 343 !!! JETPACKS BREAK THE MAPS !!! Hologram and Active Camo I’m more than ok with ! as long as active camo doesn’t have a radar jam aswell ! BECAUSE IT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF BEING INVISIBLE IF THEY KNOW YOU’RE THERE !!! I’m more than happy armor lock is gone BUT LOSE THE JET PACK ! WE DON’T NEED IT !

No Firefight: ok so after Halo 3: ODST, firefight kinda feels like its a requirement for halo now, kinda like how Gears has Horde, and the 2 CoD’s have their Zombies. Firefight is FUN, you don’t have to get rid of it !, now Spartan Ops does kinda seem like a DECENT replacement for now…but we’ll just have to see how that plays out.

well thats all from me. what are all your thoughts on this new pile of -Yoink-. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to play Halo 4 and probably love it after i Adapt like i did to Reach, but for those of you who think I’m just complaining to complain, YOU are the -Yoink- holes who play a Halo game for maybe about a month and leave because you couldn’t adapt. You opinions hear mean NOTHING !.

Better question. Why not?

> Better question. Why not?

That doesn’t make any sense regarding his post.

He’s just trying to be a troll who is obviously failing at life, He’s one of the kids who will play Halo 4 and leave after a month because he can’t adapt.

I’m going to have to disagree with you on your comments about Active Camo. If it’s going to be in at all, it will need the radar jammer. Do you have any idea how ridiculously stupid it would be to spawn with camo without any downsides? You shouldn’t be able to spawn with it to begin with, in my opinion. I was very annoyed to see that it would be returning as an armor ability at all.

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Halo is dieing and we all know it, don’t get mad at 343 for trying to save it. they know what we want. if we still wanted Halo 1,2,3 game play then there would still be 500,000 people playing halo 3 but it barley gets more than 18,000. i for one respect 343 ingenuity. besides the campaign is what makes Halo HALO i could care less about multiplayer even if multiplayer was throwing a rock through a hoop i would still buy it because i want to play what made me a halo fan and that’s campaign

I agree with you 100% that its campaign is what I’m looking forward too the most, but I also love it’s multiplayer. I also took this from another forum post. At least we know 343 does care about us. i guess, IDK, I’m guessing in due time it’ll just take me time to ADAPT to the changes of Halo 4 and get use to all the new stuff like I had to with Halo Reach.

"The magazine scans were always going to come out the day after the cover debuted, that almost always happens. We can’t talk about the story in detail, because it is GI’s exclusive. I will say that some of the things that “invested, emotional” players are “raising eyebrows slightly at” are being very misinterpreted (“random” weapon spawns for example) but we will be able to clarify some of those things in due time.

Some of the other features, abilities, are also being discussed with no context (not your guys’ fault, obviously) and frankly, a video of TS would probably allay many of the especially hysterical reactions, but we’re not there yet.

We haven’t seen a single reaction we didn’t expect (apart from the Dax love story) and we will clarify a lot of this stuff 100% in the coming weeks and months. SOME of the things in here won’t be properly understood outside of a holistic experience (modes, progress, fictional setting, etc) but I am going to say one thing and leave it at that:

It feels like Halo, it does NOT feel or act like the other game(s) it’s being compared to. Again, without playing it, you can’t be blamed for jumping to certain conclusions."