halo 4 what was that thing

what was that thing that was pod valcano and the eliet the burnd to death
the infinaty is huge

Ummm… What?!

Please use complete thoughts.

the eliet that run up to chief and burnd to death by that thing come on have you watched mission one

I think he means in the Halo 4 trailer, after when Cheif goes into the forest after seeing the Infinity (or whatever ship that was) the elite dies from some sort of beam from the forerunner thing.

Wow, I am so confused.

yeh you have got it

This is in the wrong forum.

no, he’s talking about the knight in the whole e3 trailer that picks up an elite, stabs it, and throws it. my guess is that it’s the arbiter cuz 1- the armor is silver 2- if you look at the head in the paused trailer, it looks a bit like the arbiter and 3- why would they show a regular elite getting pwned in an official trailer?