halo 4: "what i hope/like"

First i like to say what most (serious) players say all the time: I prefer halo 2… I prefer halo 3 over halo reach.

I hope halo 4 has “old” stuff:

  • good ranking system (more like halo2/halo3)
  • the halo 3 theater with improvements (being able to watch a clip with more than 4 players in the same lobby, being able to select the parts u like to watch easily not as they did in reach)
  • good (MLG) maps (so maps were they didn’t just put random stuff everywhere but really thought about and tested)
  • more skilled gameplay… In reach killing players became less skill. (no bloom, no or less random stuff, better and logic spawns, etc…
  • stuff like deployable grav lifts. For the players who were playing not that serious or doing puzzles or other stuff, there was more to do because of stuff like this. The puzzles in halo3 were amazing, the puzzles in reach all the same…
  • I like forge mode in reach. I just think it stupid that pallets and stuff like that are only able if u buy the new maps. It’s too late already but i think halo 4 should have a good forge just like reach.

I have seen the first look of halo 4 and i like that the BR is coming back. But i noticed a player sprinting. I hope its still an ability, or that u are able to turn it off. I saw a little of some maps but it looked like it weren’t MLG maps. Thats acceptable but i hope they put efford in making (and showing for release) good MLG maps. I also hope they come up with some real creative new items, weapons, etc. I really don’t like the vehicles in halo reach. I hope they will work better in halo 4. In halo 2 and 3 the vehicles did work. Also in halo 2 you were able to some tricks like: jumping with the car and in mid-air, get out and than get in the turrert. Creating more stuff to do besides just playing matchmaking is very important in halo. Some new creative stuff is always fun.

  • just what i hope and or like to see in halo 4
    ** Im dutch, i know my english is not perfect. I think u are all able to understand

Um, I’m not going to agree with you because you posted this thread i the wrong forum board.