Halo 4 Weapons

I recently watched Headhunters. What struck me is the pistol. Should it be in Halo 4? Or more weapons you can think of? Let me know what you guys think!

I have an idea for a new weapon, it may be over powered, but its just an idea. How about, a covenant rocket launcher (like the fuel rod gun) with the plasma pistols charge and the massive EMP blast that shoots out. A covenant rocket launcher that dosen’t only blow things up, but EMP blasts vehicles. How cool would that be!

should 343 bring back smg as a starting weapon? before you say no it would stop a lot of the spamming of the br. idk about you guys but im tired of getting spawn killed in halo 3/reach with the br/dmr. make it a pickup weapon keep it for mlg playlist but keep it out of others. another thing if they bring back duel wielding it would make duel wielding more useful.whats your guys opinion on it? your all in titled to your opinion to. btw u probably seen this posted on bungie.net. i decided to bring it here since they have complete morons over there. if you got anything to add to this please do post it.

BR spam??? u can’t spam the BR because you can’t shoot it faster than a certain speed but DMR spam I know what you mean. Anyway I would not like the SMG to be the starting gun beacuse the SMG is not accurate and weak and personaly I dont like it.

I would rather the spawning mechanism be fix/adjusted to prevent spawn killing rather than handicap a player with a less than optimum weapon. That isn’t to say that I want all DMR/BR starts.

yea it was weak but duel wielding was used more often and the spamming im talking about is everytime in halo 3 you would get spammed with shots from the other team wasnt just one person.

I could fight back against BRs in Halo 3. Stick to that.


I think they should bring back the silenced smg from odst and make a plasma shotgun that would be beast!

whats my post doing in here? do they actually move ur threads to where they should be unlike bungie?
+1 to 343 if its true

> I think they should bring back the silenced smg from odst and make a plasma shotgun that would be beast!

personaly, while i like your style, its a little difficult to comprehend. how would you make electormagnetic bubbles of super-heated ionized gas, into an effective CQB gun? it would be easier to have a plasma based ‘flamer’.

but asfar as covie weapon tech goes, needle tech is win, a needle tech 'shot gun would be good, only 2/3 of the shot needs to hit to detonate the target, but the spread makes its effective range about the same as a human shotgun. while the needles wont track, just like the needle rifle.

admit it, you want a this gun in CQB, they think they have you and BAMM! pink and shiny death spews forth and mists them where they stand!

also for forrunner weapons, give me a laser rifle. fires the same sort of laser as a sentinel beam, but not as powerful and fires in short bursts instead of constant stream. it does damage just like plasma weapons, but without the drawback of slow projectiles, does overheat still, and has a x2 scope like the br/dmr but it not a headshot weapon. after all, who wants to get close to the flood. this weapon is like the assault rifle in that it fires constantly while holding the trigger (still fires in bursts but without needing to spam the trigger) but the ‘projectiles’ are not instant hit, they’re somewhere between plasma and balistic, but closer to balistic meaning you have to lead your shots a little while using the x2 scope to but at closer range there is no noticable delay.

I would like to see a covenant rocket launcher/needler. Here’s how it would work, the launcher shoots rounds of huge pink blobs in single shots, and can only shoot 2 or 3 before reloading. Once the blob hits something (or someone) it explodes and creates needler shrapnel. It would cause instant death to those hit by it, and massive damage followed by a supercombine explosion death for anyone standing near it when it hits something. And for anyone standing somewhat within range will get damaged by needler shrapnel, but probably won’t be harmed to bad unless they’re unlucky enough to have most of the shrapnel head in their direction.

The Pistol… You mean the Halo 2 pistol?

Ok guys and gals I think that we should brainstorm some ideas for some great weapons to be used in halo 4. If you have any ideas please feel free to post them. My first idea is to have something like a close combat weapon but not as outrageous as the gravity hammer or energy sword and it could be like a short tube that you hit someone with and then it could fire a charge into them but that would not have the accuracy to hit a target over a distance. Another idea is that Halo 4 should include different variations of types of weapons. There could be several machine gun varying in size, power, range, ammo capacity. Also there should be weapons like the Target Locator avaliable in MULTIPLAYER!!! If you have any great ideas please add them!! 343 needs us!!!

Also they have to bring back the flame thrower and the maulers and the BR

I really want the BR back, the flamethrower, a stronger AR, all grenades from Halo 3, and smg dual wielding. All of this with no bloom of course. Really, please 343i, no bloom. :slight_smile:

Whoops, forgot something. Maulers!!!

Best new weapon: Plasma Hammer

It works like the Gravity Hammer but the pulse is green. It takes three fast hits to kill someone on ground but it totally wrecks vehicles. It will bring back the only thing that AL did right (wreck vehicles). I always wanted a weapon for these situation where you think you have no choice but dying in the hands of a vehicle. The first hit should EMP, the second should murder. It should be fast like, one hit per second. Imagine walking around then seeing someone smack you with a green flash, boom, boom, boom you’re dead. It should be considerably small (the size of a Plasma rifle) with the hammer’s weight being forerunner. It should have overheat and recharging ammo but iit should be horrible without the element of surprise.

> whats my post doing in here? do they actually move ur threads to where they should be unlike bungie?
> +1 to 343 if its true

i think so because mine wasnt in this thread before

ever considered the fact that there are literally no humans on this planet and that there may be little stockpile of human weapon on the ship if that ship blew up so how can there be human weapons in the game. i bet no one noticed that.

i have a strong bet that there will be only alien weapon that you can use unless the unsc are already there which is likely not.

also this may actually reveal alot more of the plot. considering the prescence of human weapons or covie weapons will be determined by the plot