Halo 4 weapon tuning?

The Halo 4 weapon tuning that was done originally is not in MCC. Its very noticeable. it really needed the tuning. It feels so slow to play Halo 4 on MCC.

The problem is the movement speed boost is gone. That really hurts. I don’t even care about the old DMR overpowered debate from forever ago. The speed slowdown is painful.

It feels ok to me.

The patch is applied in the H4 playlist, but not in BTB/customs. For whatever reason.

I think it feels fine, not saying you’re wrong, I play all the Halo games so I’m constantly playing at a different speed with each game but H4 still feels the fastest like it always has.

The BR is a 5 shot when it should be a 4. :smirk: