Halo 4 weapon speculation

As far as I know, these are the confirmed weapons:

A.UNSC Weapons
1.Assault Rifle
2.Battle Rifle
3.Designated Marksman Rifle.
5.Rail Gun(NEW)
6.Sticky Detonator(NEW)-“Mini Grenade Launcher”
7.Sniper Rifle
9.Rocket Launcher
10.Spartan Laser
11.Fragmentation Grenades

B.Covenant Weapons
1.Storm Rifle(NEW)-“New Plasma Repeater”
2.Covenant Carbine
3.Plasma Pistol
4.Energy Sword
6.Plasma Grenade

C.Promethean/Forerunner Weapons
1.Lightrifle(NEW)(BR/DMR Combo)
2.Scattershot(NEW)(Bouncy pellets)

If Im missing anything,let me know.

Of course the list isn’t complete, and i can’t wait to see other crazy new weapons, especially the new Promethean weapons, but i am just a little concerned about which weapons are going to make a return or not. Especially since this is a sequel to Halo 3. Weapons that i would want to bring back to Halo 4 are:

1.Submachine Gun-(I would want this as a different option for the secondary weapon slot on the loadouts, basically to accompany the Magnum and Plasma Pistol)

2.Plasma Rifle-(same reason as Submachine Gun)

3.Fuel Rod Gun aka “Flak Cannon”-(I honestly doubt they would eliminate this weapon, but 343 hasn’t mentioned anything about it)

4.Beam Rifle “Halo 2 and 3’s Covenant Sniper”-(Honestly guys, Focus Rifle was complete crap. Beam Rifle is far superior.

5.Brute weapons???-(Gravity Hammer is obligated to come back due to it being essential for the Grifball Community and the fact that it is fun as hell to use, but not too sure about the rest of the other weapons though: Spiker, Mauler, Brute Shot???)

6.Plasma Launcher-(Dont know if its a community favorite, but i wouldn’t mind it making a reappearance)

7.Flame weapons!!!-( I miss the Flamethrower and Firebomb grenades, they were fun as hell to use despite the fact that it will never appear in matchmaking. Just want it for Custom Game fun!)

If there is anything else that i may have skipped over, post a reply. Hope you guys agree, if not, discuss as you please!

the lazer is in the game already but yea add some of the old classics in there too

All official weapons and vehicles here.

> All official weapons and vehicles here.

oh if u look closely during the longbow gameplay ull see its there i didnt see it the first time

Added the laser, Thanks!

Some kind of EMP grenade has been seen in Comic-Con Spartan Ops gameplay.

But as far as officially confirmed, you missed the Promethean Repeater.