Halo 4 weapon balance is fine as it is!

The starting weapon balance is completely fine. DMR isn’t too over powered, it’s just a gun more catered to hardcore players that can land every shot. It’s a reward for being a good player. If you miss one shot though with the DMR, you can get wrecked by just about any other gun short/medium range.

The BR is more of a medium/close range weapon for the nostalgias. It is also a decent weapon however, because you can miss a burst and still come out on top because it’s high rate of fire. For the people complaining about the BR spread, check your facts. If you are using this gun at its intended range, you will not notice the spread. But when your trying to snipe with the thing, you’re gonna have a bad time. It’s not the all around weapon it was in halo 2.

The carbine is also great for close to medium (and sometimes even long) engagements, because of its high cap mag. It has the quickest ROF of all the rifles, but does the least damage per shot. This is another gun catered to hardcore players who can actually AIM.

The lightrifle is the only gun in the starting sandbox that I have a slight issue with. With no doubt its the most Powerful of all starting marksman rifles. It’s halo 2 E3 design was an excellent idea, however when zoomed in, I think this rifle can do heavy damage. Now, I believe the ROF is fine, and the damage is fine. What I would like to see done with this weapon is that when you get shot while zoomed in, you zoom out. Similar to halo 3’s mechanics. This gun is basically a BR that does more damage zoomed in. However skillfull players can still beat the light rifle because of its slow zoomed in ROF.

The AR and the storm rifle are similar, so I will put them both here. It really depends if you like reloading a clip, or using plasma with this weapon choice. Both of the guns are well fit to their roles, which are close to semi mid range. And to the MLG tryhards out there, these guns are perfectly balanced. I believe that when going toe to toe with an close range automatic assault weapon, the person holding the AR/ storm should win as compared to any other starting weapon. These two guns fill a very specific niche, with no room for long range engagements. Therefore these guns should still have an amount of usefulness to them.

So that’s my spill on the starting primary weapons. I’m an excellent halo 4 player (check my stats) so I know what I’m talking about here. This is not a game that needs to cater to the casuals every whim. If you think the DMR is op, looks like its time to use one for yourself and get good with it. (hint: you actually have to aim with it)

Sorry of there were any spelling or grammatical errors, I was using ios for this post.

Edit: I seemed to have forgotten the suppressor. Dont use it, it is complete trash.

Unfortunately, aiming the DMR (or any weapon really) isn’t hard, so you’re not really rewarding good aim as much as you are just rewarding using a superior weapon.

I’m a BR/LR user and I have no problems with any other weapon besides DMR, because even in close range it wins majority of the time. It has a faster kill time than the BR which makes no sense because it is supposed to be a long range weapon. It makes sense AR would have the fastest kill time because it’s a CQC weapon, and it’s tough to fight but not as infuriating as getting hammered by DMR at close-mid range and not being able to avoid getting shot because it’s so powerful and shoots so fast.

If DMR’s rate of fire were lower it would increase its kill time. DMR would still dominate long range, but then lose in close range to the weapons it should lose to and be on even footing at midrange against midrange weapons.

The BR, Carbine and DMR all have the same kill time of 1.6 seconds. The lightrifle being 1.8 unzoomed and 1.3 zoomed. I don’t understand the basis of your argument fox. The killtimes on the weapons (except for the lightrifle) are identical.