HALO 4 WEAPON AND Armor skins

Looking at the new bulletin on halo waypoint about the pre-order weapon and armor skins is it possible too use the skins on other armors then the armors shown for Example:

If I pre-order Halo 4 at Wal-Mart, I would get the Circuit Skin, but the image shows the skin on the Oceanic Armor.

We already know that the Armor isn’t locked via retailer, and everyone will get it through the game itself.

But, the question is, can we use the Circuit Skin on all armors, or ONLY the armor that is shown? Is the Circuit Skin locked to Oceanic Armor?

If I pre-order at Gamestop, is the Forest Skin locked to the HAZOP Armor? WEB Skin locked to CIO Armor? Raptor Skin locked to Venator Armor?

I’m asking because the numerous places where the pre-order armors are being shown, it lists the Armor along with the Skin. I can’t tell if they’re showing the Armor just so we can see it OR if they’re showing us the Armor because the Pre-Order Skin is locked to it.