Halo 4 waypoint competitive play/anouncers

Monthly tournaments that are new people from all around the world and skill level. As well weeekly webisodes that be on waypoint that be two teams that compete. Then who ever wins have a gaurante slot in that month tournament other random people will be pick to fit the slots of this 20 team tournament. This would be shown on waypoint at the end of the month. Personally these teams are 4v4 but we can push it if you want to 8v8 big team battles. The reason why I bringing this up to the public is because to me halo waypoint got so much potential and this would be a awesome addition to this xbox app. I admit this ideal came from call of duty elite friday night fights but the reason why I bring this ideal to the table I don’t belive call of duty should had done this before halo. Halo been my game since 2001 I know people that love looking at the game and watching other teams play. Halo should be known as the superior multiplayer and e sports in general so if you agree 343 make it happen for the community thank you for reading!