Halo 4 Waypoint codes

With the codes that you can use on the 360 Waypoint app to get you a lot of xp based on progression in H4 and Spartan Assault (the Requiem and Draetheus V archives), is the xp you can gain from them limited by the 150k xp cap in Halo 4? I don’t want to use these codes without knowing so as to not waste any xp (I can currently gain almost 400k, over double the daily cap).

I don’t know if there exist a xp cap in Halo 4. However, the final rank in Halo 4 isn’t that bad to reach compared to the other Halo games due to the ability to get a decent amount of xp from 10 minute long Custom Games and Spartan Ops.

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> I don’t know if there exist a xp cap in Halo 4. However, the final rank in Halo 4 isn’t that bad to reach compared to the other Halo games due to the ability to get a decent amount of xp from 10 minute long Custom Games and Spartan Ops.

As I understand it, there is a cap of 150k xp per day (as stated in my original post). Custom/forge games will give a max of 1190, wargames mm/local spartan ops 2980 and mm ops 5950. Forge/wargames xp are based on medals received, ops xp is based on how many kills (I believe). And you can’t progress commendations in customs or forge. 25 chapters in mm ops will let you hit the cap each day, but even the mission that I’m the fastest at still takes me about 8-9 minutes on a good run, and I don’t have the time to spend 4 1/2 solid hours on the monotony that is spartan ops, particularly if I’m just doing the same mission over and over again.

Maxing out your rank in H4 may only take a measly 3.6mil xp compared to 20mil in Reach or 50mil in H5, but it will still take a while. Given that I have other things to do both irl and in other games, I’m content with just running a few spartan ops missions a day, which will eventually have me hit sr130 later this year, but to speed things up I’d like to use the various Waypoint codes to nab me a quick 400k xp and speed up the process a little bit. However, I don’t want to use the codes just to find out that the amount I get is restricted by the daily cap, potentially having 250k+ xp go to waste.

If there is no daily cap, feel free to show me some proof, but until then, it’s a 150k daily limit for me, and I’m not willing to potentially throw a bunch of xp down the drain.

The main things I have found with the Halo 4 xp system is that a majority of the xp is just given from time played. In Custom Games and Forge, xp is only given from time played and increased linearly for every full minute played up to 10 minutes. This means that the optimal Custom Game / Forge session should only last for a maximum of 10 minutes in order to get the maximum xp payout. In Spartan Ops, a similar thing can be said but you will also get a slight xp bonus for completing the mission.

In order to make the process even quicker, you can focus initially on completing the Pioneer specialization which gives the Fast Track tactical package. This tactical package for your loadout will increase the XP payouts with 20%.

So, in order to maximum use out of your time. The optimal strategy if you wish to get maximum use out of your time is to AFK 10 minute Custom Games while doing something more productive. If you wish to do something more enjoyable, you can just play Spartan Ops on Easy difficulty.

That’s still not answering my original question. I’m not asking after xp farming strats, I’m asking if the xp you can get from Waypoint codes count towards the daily xp cap or not.

Besides, I did some testing of my own earlier. First, a custom game of swat that I played for about 6 minutes and got 11 kills rewarded me with about 400xp. Second, a ctf game that only lasted 3 minutes cause I went ahead and captured the flag 3 times to quickly finish it, got me about 650xp. Third, a ctf game where I capped 3 flags and idled for about 10 mins got me 1170xp. As I said in my earlier post, even individual games have their own xp cap, and it’s about 1200xp.

As for spartan ops, the ‘slight xp bonus’ for completing a mission is actually about 40% of the total you get at then end. That’s just a little bit more that what would be considered as ‘slight’.

With this in mind, the best way to farm xp that I’ve found is to play matchmaking spartan ops, given how I can get about 6k xp in 9 minutes, as compared to 1170xp for 10 minutes of idling. When I have a second controller and can matchmake spartan ops by myself, that will be my preferred method. Plus there’s also the fact that I’ll be levelling up my Covenant kill commendations, which is a nice little bonus that you don’t get in custom or forge games.

But as I state above, this is not what I was asking about. Please try and answer my actual question instead of telling me less efficient strats for farming xp than what I am currently doing, thank you.

Can’t you redeem approximately 100K of your Waypoint XP per day to avoid wasting if there’s still a limit. I haven’t played a lot of Halo 4 so I can’t give a direct answer but a possible solution. I understand you wanted to check with the community first, if you require a proper answer hopefully someone else can help you!