Halo 4 Was a Blessing In Disguise For Me

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Like quite a few people I tracked Halo 4’s progress , looked at the teaser trailer , pre ordered and often checked on waypoint etc. When I first got Halo 4 after getting back from school I was incredibly happy . I couldn’t wait to play it and as I first played it I loved it .

The graphics left me awe-struck and the story left me inspired. It was fair to say the first couple days I loved it and it was awesome for me . But then after a week , I went back on Reach with a friend as he back then didn’t have Halo 4 and was getting it for Christmas . But when playing Reach for that odd couple hours . Something hit me .

I was enjoying it more then Halo 4 , at first I thought it was due to me overplaying Halo 4 and that soon the novelty would come back and I would enjoy it more then Reach when I next went back on . But when I did , I didn’t enjoy it as much .

First I thought it was just me , then I checked these forums . Observed people stating why they disliked this Halo and the more I played it the more I realised what was wrong with it gameplay wise like loadouts (not glitches or bugs) . Which led me to the conclusion I disliked this game . I then went and played the past Halo’s campaign and a bit of the online.

Yes that’s right I played Halo CE - 3 and Reach’s campaign again and a bit of Halo 3 online and Halo 2 (Xbox Connect) . When Playing them I realised how much more I enjoyed them .

I then went to the forums myself and contributed my ideas and stated why I disliked certain things and how I thought the game could be improved . But after a couple months and next to no change I like others gave up on the forums and the game . Desperately looking for a new game to play which I knew even then wouldn’t satisfy me like Halo 3 did again . I didn’t wanna keep moaning about the game and decided to leave and leave the people that do like the game on the forums to them self and play the game them self . I knew they were probably getting sick of all the hate/bash thread and I felt alot of us wanted to much change for Halo 4 for it to actually be anything like it is now.

I of course like others may have guessed and like others have done then switched to the CoD franchise . Which I found dull but atleast more enjoyable then Halo 4 as it still felt like CoD when playing B Ops II and not like a totally different game.

So it was fair to say that Halo left me disappointed . I felt bored and like my favourite game series had gone down the toilet in my opinion .

But thats when my exams came in . I was hooked on Halo 3 and luckily to me I wasn’t sitting my GCSE’s then . Yes I am only 16 . I found that Xbox was boring to me and that it lacked any real incentive for me to go on it . as I didn’t enjoy Halo as much . So like my title suggest Halo 4 was actually a blessing in disguise ,It has kind of put me off Halo 5 and as I will be doing A-Level next couple years I suppose I wont have to buy a new xbox