halo 4 war games season pass

I bought the war-games map pass and I can’t get any of the maps to download. I downloaded the map pass just fine, but when I go to the in game store to download the 3 map packs I get an error message telling me to delete the cache. the maps download 99% and just can’t finish downloading. Xbox customer support is not able to help either. I spent about 6 hours on the phone with Microsoft Xbox support trying to get the maps That I bought. I can’t get a refund from Microsoft either because I got this with a game of the year edition code that came with the game. need help.

I do not know what else to do. I can’t call 343 because there is no phone number. If I go to the Microsoft Xbox store to download the maps individually it wants to charge me $9.99 each map pack

the error code is

If for whatever reason something went wrong during the download, deleting all of the partially downloaded data and content cache from whatever storage device you were downloading them on then downloading again should work, if not, try downloading them to a different device if you have one handy, see if that works.

i deleted the cache a bunch, talked to Xbox live for about 6 total hours trying to fix this problem. and they went through everything. nothing worked.

Apparently 343 has no contact number so it is not like they would make it right if i called them.

343 NEEDS to make it so season pass holders can just download each map pack through the out of game marketplace if they like.

I just wasted 6 hours talking to Xbox live support that I will never get back. I really wish I never played this game to begin with after this experience. (one 20 minute call should have been enough to fix)

Yes I do really like this game, but I don’t see myself ever playing again time wasting experience.

I was able to download the championship bundle

To think I was really excited to play the halo 4 game of the year edition when it arrived in my mailbox is an understatement.

If you ask me, 343 just got my money and worse, made me waste 6 hours talking to Xbox live, all for nothing. i don’t even know if i would play this even if it would magically would start working tomorrow. I’m burned out on this to tell the truth.

i only have one xbox 360 so I can’t do another system

the storage devise is 250g HDD that came stock with xbox 360 slim

If you have access to a standard USB stick, they can be formatted to work with a 360, though they’re a bit tempremental. Aside from that, the only thing I can suggest is backing up any saves and important data to the cloud and completely erasing the hard drive. Wish I could be of more help.

i can’t do that because I will loose my skyrim dlc that I got installed from a install disk (no longer have) from the GOTY edition of skyrim. factory reset is not an option.

I do not want to always keep a flash drive plugged in either, I feel they give the impression that I have the junk 360 without a HDD

Hi intrigue169,

This sounds like an issue with your Xbox and thus is outside of our scope. However, the error code you provided has a specific page on Xbox.com Support here: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/xbox-live/error-code-80153003

Good luck!