Halo 4 War Games Ordnance

So i was watching gameplay videos of infinity slayer on the map haven, and i noticed that only the sticky detonator, needler, and scattershot will spawn in random ordnance. This is the same with other maps as well, only a few varieties of weapons will spawn. I thought that infinity ordnance would be random weapons that spawn on the map at random times?Instead only a few weapons will appear in ordnance drops. Is this a bug or was it made to be like this?

I’ve seen shotgun, sniper, beam rifle, binary rifle, energy sword and concussion rifle also received via personal ordnance on other maps.

So I don’t know what you’re talking about.

depends of which kind of weapons you/they put in the options. Casual, humans, Covenant prometheans, sniper… so you can see more different weapons that you have said!

Depends on the map. It seems unlikely for you to receive a sniper in personal ordnance on Haven or other similar size maps. So weapons you receive in Ordinance drops will be tuned to the map, as well as what spawns on the map by default.

Multiple weapons will appear, some items may be more common then others though OP. For example, finding swords and shotguns on close quarters maps rather then a binary rifle, but not really finding close range weapons on open segments either…