Halo 4 War Games lag

Before I say anything, I am new to this forum, just pointing it out.

I was playing war games today and just realised Im getting more weaker at the games, mostly getting a negative kd at almost every game. I then realised what might be the problem when I threw a plasma grenade at a hog, It takes about 1 second for me to see the grenade reaching for the hog. I missed my grenade and might not have missed if it wasn’t laggy.

I also noticed when I am charging my Plasma Pistol for a shot against a hog, it also takes about 1 second for it to reach the hog and disable it.

Is there really a problem with this or is it just temporary ???

If it keeps happening repeatedly then its your internet connection. This game isnt run on dedicated servers.

Im from Singapore btw so yeah.

I’ve been having lota lag issues lately…wish sum thing cud be done.

> Im from Singapore btw so yeah.

There’s your problem…most Halo players are either from North America or Europe so it really sucks for anyone outside of these two areas. We need dedicated servers implemented but I don’t believe we’re going to see a chance of that happening until Halo 5.

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matchmaking repeat it after me, matchmaking not wargames, matchmaking… freaking 343 trying to destroy 10 years of tradition