Halo 4 War Games Infinity BTB

Big team battle on halo 4 is a joke. Not sure why, but it seems as though I only play two maps the entire time I am in the BTB playlist. It is either Ragnarock or Exile. This is honestly embarrassing. I love playing classic 8v8 Halo, but I gotta say there is nothing more annoying than playing Ragnarock 5 times in a row, that is not an exaggeration

I’ll start playing Halo again once they come out with a new map pack, because at this point I might as well just play the older versions of Halo… Ragnarock is the exact same as Valhalla… Really??

Fix this ASAP 343 industries/Microsoft

Remember, that that is due to people voting for the map.

It is not a game problem, but perhaps a difference in taste with the people you play with.

I understand the frustration, but remember that that is the player’s vote, not 343i’s vote.

I enjoy the hell out of Exile. Rag’s okay, but I try to vote for maps I’m not too familiar with just to change things up.

What are you going to do? The people have spoken.