Halo 4 War Games Armor Unlocks - Mk VI Helmet

Hey guys, I was geeking out on halo 4 today and made it to the xp cap (Lvl 24) pretty quickly. However ive noticed that some people I play against, even ones lower leveled than me, have the Mk VI helmet. Ive been asking how to obtain it but no one answered me. Does anyone here know how to unlock it? Also if anyone has any updates on how to unlock Raider armor that would be nice.

You must beat the campaign on Legendary solo. Almost finished mine up. It is not too bad. There are a few parts that get a little tough but just be patient and you will beat it.

Is it realy that easy? I just beat it on normal and had a little bit of frustrtion closer to the end. I guess if I just play it safe I can do it. Thanks dude!

Yeah just finding this out myself and i have completed it on legendary… just no armour. which is great.

I beat the game on Legendary with 2 others and we all got the Mark VI armor set.

Gotta do it on solo legendary. Approach it like a long term project for a set number of days, like all games when you up the difficulty; you’ll get those points which will just murder you time after time. But go in to it thinking that you have all the time in the world, don’t rush it because mistakes are made if you do. Also, try out the tilt skull, I found that worked well in some spots. Doubles enemy resistance, but also doubles their weakness.