Halo 4 wants & needs

If you would be able to pick different graphics, which graphics, from all different Halo’s? halo 1, 2, 3, odst, wars, reach, cea, or the new halo 4 graphics. And if you would like to see other new structures, special fx, vehicles, weapons, armor abilities, armor, or armor effects. If you do then post your ideas here and they could be going towards the next halo, making it better, don’t worry about making a new forum, post it here, and keep the forum alive for a while!

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All that Halo 4 needs now is a skilled based ranking system…

Having the option to switch graphics from all the other games would take forever to program, it would take a few years to do all the halos.

Eh, to be honest I want a matchmaking system that works. I don’t want anything reminiscent of Halo Reach’s system.

I want fair, even matches. I want to avoid matches that turn out similarly to [(https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-US/Career/HaloReach/GameHistory?gamerTag=Nutcase Reborn#!/?game=985904450)]this]([this).

Uneven teams are a big issue with Reach, and it gets old after a while to be perfectly honest.

I’m not asking for a ranking system, because I only want one if it’s done correctly. Halo 3’s ranking system was a nutter failure in the end. I want a ranking system that has a huge deal of thought put in to it, and is thoroughly scanned for cracks and exploits if one is ever implemented.

I’m fine without it.

But, that’s only what the game needs. Let’s move on to what I want.

Bigger, better Forge. I’m satisfied with what Halo 4 has brought to the table, however I would like a full blown map editor if all possible. I know it’s unlikely, but I can dream.

Also, I want almost endless customization for my Spartan. Not only that, but I would also enjoy Invasion making its return.

I could go on, but I’ll end the list with one thing:

The removal of Soft Kills. Or, at least on all Forge Maps.

The Ability to make custom games from scratch, like a combination of forge and custom games you place the objective points (if its an obj gametype) then build a gametype using every aspect of a gametype there is.

Hmm, Halo 4 graphics or Halo CE graphics… Halo 4 graphics or Halo CE graphics…

As far as vehicles and weapons go I’d like to see the Chopper, Wolverine, Spectre, Spiker, Mauler and SMG returning.