Halo 4 - Wants and Ideas

In my eyes, Halo needs to be turned up a notch in the next game. Halo Reach is pretty stale. Its maps, gameplay, mechanics and overall feel is not a revolutionary step from Halo 3, even with the addition of Armour Abilities, assassinations and an improved armoury. We have all seen what some games can do. Crysis 2 amazing visuals, Brinks free-running and B3’s amazing sound and realism. Halo Reach is lacking in a lot of aspects and especially ( IMO ) in fun - The main factor for a enjoyable game.

Here are my wishes for the next Halo game:

1. Clarity and Fluidity

I can’t stress how much I missed the clarity of Halo 3 when I played Reach. Reach felt way too gritty and Static. By static I mean constant kill for kills and players sitting at the back of the map with long range weapons stopping anyone from wanting to explore the map.

Halo Reach has it all wrong. Why give a weapon with extremely long range and lower the player movement speed and jump height?

As well as this, the unbelievably powerful grenades didn’t help. Playing reach almost gave me claustrophobia. I felt that I couldn’t go anywhere without being spammed by the DMR or by the grenades.

The next Halo game needs to allow players to move around more freely. This means giving players back their movement speed and jump height from Halo 2/3.

I know the point of Reach was to make a more gritty, human based Halo game. The problem was, it was no way near as fun. The next Halo should have all player models be as smooth and shiny as they were in Halo 3. The same with the maps as well. They need to be more clarified.

2. The Armoury - Now with Assassinations

The Halo Reach armoury is great but if Halo is to keep fresh, its going to need more stuff. More stuff is good. It means it will be rare to see anyone that looks exactly the same.

More everything - Helmets, Chest plates, the lot. But thats not all!

Purchasable details for your character model - For example, Armour scratches, Bullet holes, Burn marks

Purchasable signature weapon - This weapon will be the weapon held by your character when you or others view it.

Custom emblems and Custom Colours - Players should be able to design their own emblem as well as the choice of the preset emblems. Plus, there should be a colour wheel.

3. Assassinations - Revolutionised
I was going to include this with the Armoury but it is a separate point on its own.

There should be a section in the armoury for Assassinations.

There should be sub headings for each location regarding what assassination takes place. For example, Left, Right, Below, Centre, Above. Not only this but a heading for Weapons. Under each of the headings there should be hundreds of different moves that you can purchase/unlock.

Create an Assassination - Under each heading you should have the option to arrange moves into an order. Move 1. Move 2. Move 3. Move 4. Like that. Simple.

Also there should be an option for OR permanent First person assassinations. I think it would be awesome.

4. Much longer Campaign - 2 discs

Disc 1 - Campaign, Campaign Matchmaking. Firefight, Firefight Matchmaking. Campaign/Firefight Theatre
Disc 2 - Multiplayer, Forge, Theatre + any additional new game modes



6. Larger Range of Weapons and Vehicles

Halo Reach took away weapons and only added the Falcon and the Revenant.

All existing weapons and vehicles plus at least 5 more of each.

Electrostatic gun - disable shields and vehicles - Human Weapon.

7. Balanced Armour Abilites + Equipment

Armour abilities were cool but they were pretty poorly balanceed Cough Armour Lock Cough

Equipment would be nice. They don’t essentially have to be in matchmaking but new additions such as Sentry guns would be awesome.

8. A Map with an Engineer on it

Hell they could do it in Reach - Think of the possibilities
Or, Have it as an equipment?

9. Better Maps

I would like to see 343 be more adventurous with their maps. Perhaps more maps with interactions. Maps like the ones in Gears of War where the map gets covered by an Avalanche - Does not have to be an avalanche, I’m just using it as an example. What about a volcano huh? One second the map is all nice and calm and then suddenly, Lava!.

I would want to see an addition of more realistic maps instead of plain out death arenas. Maybe some rundown shacks with corrugated iron. Office Buildings. However they still keep the basic structures of a Halo map.

10. A Human Melee Weapon

Crowbar. Just imagine the clanging sound! A throwing knife? Difficult to use but worth it. NOTE - These would take up a whole weapon slot.

11. Improved Sound

I want to hear the sound of a 1 tonne SPARTAN in a suit of titanium hitting the ground. I want to hear the sound of Hitting a SPARTAN with the but of your gun. I also of course want to hear the rolling of a frag grenade before it blows me to kingdom come.

Well I congratulate you If you read all of that. Hopefully you can agree on some of my points. This is my first ever post on this website. Im used to Bungie.net. If you post your wants and Ideas for the next Halo game that would be awesome. I want the next Halo game to really up the ante!

Thank You!

Loved most of your ideas.

The throwing knife bit killed it thought.

seriously though, NICEEE ideas

Thanks. Yeah, I knew a lot of people wouldn’t be too keen on the Throwing knife. Heres how it would work. It would be Right trigger to aim and Release to Throw. When you hold down the right trigger a ghost reticule appears on your hud to show you whereabouts to throw it. 1 hit kill in the Chest and above.

I really hope the graphics are done so everything is very clear and clarified. Halo Reach felt a tad bit messy.

I find rather than mostly BR play, I go up against a varied selection of strategies from game to game. I like it. Sure most games resort to DMR and NR play, but the sound and experience is nowhere near as monotonous as it once was.

In playlists with AAs removed, it only makes sense to increase jump-height and movement speed. In playlists with AAs, jump heights or movement speeds aren’t a problem. Not sure how one can get more freedom of movement than getting a jetpack.

Point of order, you don’t need bouncy grenades if they have a larger blast radius.

The soldier in shiny armour is either :
A) New.
B) An Officer.
c) The guy with the sniper who hangs out in his/her base.

I don’t care but sure, decals as well as permutations for armour. Let’s bling ourselves out. I love players with the flaming-head. Emblems and colour wheels… meh. I want to shoot you, I like that I can see you more easily by your choice, but I have no need to inspect your body after I make it a shell. I don’t care what you look like, only what your threat level is.

There’s no revolutionising assassinations. For Halo, that was done in Reach with the choice to pop or animate your kill. As far as adding new ones. Ya know, I could go for more elaborate and “insulting” animations that are detrimental to gameplay due to taking longer than normal. Like pulling a player around and doing a Lord of the Dance with your feet before a shanking. Or an Al Bundy pose before the knife is forced through the helmet of the victim. And 1 or 2 ultra-move flashy types would be cool too.

Campaign length is relative. Wanna see Combat Evolved beat on Legendary in about 117 minutes? or is that 1hr17min? But yes, I would like a game with a longer “initial” playtime.

Bloom is the lesser of 3 evils. I’ll take it.

I like Reach’s maps. I wish the community would build the maps they say Reach is missing in Forge. I like how Reach can support more than 5 players in a LW game on its maps, I hate how Halo3 can’t.

Spartans don’t hit the ground, they land and support themselves like an acrobat does from heights most people don’t jump from. If they thump, they fell from really, really high up. I hated how Halo2 and 3 not only removed fall damage, but there was no consequence for landing from a great height. I can live with the canon answer of a second layer of gel, but to do drop and not do what Bruce Banner did in the “Incredible Hulk” when he dropped out of the plane to face the Abomination… that’s not allowing speedy gameplay, that’s ignoring relative gameplay IMO.
Reach has so many levels of sound depth, I am surprised at least once a weak on a new sound I discover. The plasma-balls alone have like 7 layers to them.

As far as things looking more messy, increased resolution will do that. It’s ironic that an increased fidelity can create a sense of removal. It’s more less because you let yourself be convinced that fake-world was real and the more real said world begins to look, the faker it gets. A problem with game sequels, not individual games themselves.

Your points are valid. The SPARTAN hitting the ground bit was about when they get killed by another player however I think it would be great if such minor details such as when a player falls from a fatal height their visor breaks and blood seeps from their head.

As for the Assassinations, I get bored carrying out the same assassinations over and over again. At first some of them really make you shout “hell yeah” at the screen but they soon get pretty familiar.

How about when you level up you unlock cooler more humiliating assassinations? This would add to the incentive of ranking up.
Actually, how about when you rank up you get an assassination unlock and you can pick out of a selection of blank - random assassinations. This would make it so you are still being surprised even when the game has been out for weeks.

The reason I want the player models to be as refined as the ones in Halo 3 is because sometimes players blended in with the background in Halo Reach. This may be because of the player models being pretty small as well.
Hopefully Halo 4 will use SPARTAN II player models. I never understood why Bungie used SPARTAN III’s. We had already experienced slow moving players in ODST.

I know the sound is pretty good in Halo Reach but it misses some of the minor details that games like Battlefield excel in.

It would be awesome if 343 added minor details as these can really make a game stand out. Have you seen how in Crysis 2 when you turn, your gun sways?

Graphically I want it to be clear yet slightly more realistic than H3. I’m now sick to death with Blue/Grey
I want to see more Red and Browns.

All your ideas are awesome. It would be awesome if Halo 4 had a mode like GOW3 Beast Mode, Reach’s Firefight Verses gamemode but with other species at your disposal. You could be an elite one moment, be killed and then be a Grunt, Jackal, Brute, or even a Hunter when you respawn. To keep it balanced, the Covenant Team would be able to pawn in as Grunts or elites (Grunts having unlimited grenades, a suicide rush ability, and either a Needler/Plasma Pistol.) When you begin to rack up kills you can go up a class, (Likely Jackals and Brutes.) When your team reaches 30/40 kills, two random players will spawn as hunters.

My wants:

  1. NO FREAKING cR!!! Please go back to the Halo 3 ranking. It was the best. Only fix problems like level locking, THAT was the worst. I hated winning 5 games in a row just to lose 1 and rank down.
  2. No bloom. Bloom belongs in CoD, not halo.
  3. Return of the equipment! + maybe new tech

These Ideas are great. Yes, bloom needs to go.

How about Credits should be awarded but not used to rank up so the armoury still stays the same way
Halo 3 ranking system / Credits for buying stuff

I wonder what recoil on the weapons would be like…

Personally, I’d like to see bloom be replaced with recoil

I like your suggestions, but I would leave out the Armory, Assassinations and the human melee weapon.

No bloom
BR back

Not to be a buzzkill, but there is a thread going on in the multiplayer section regarding this same issue. Check it out!