Halo 4 Vs These forums.

Well to be honest, all these people have just -Yoinked!- and moaned the whole way through.
I can remember the following: LE, Ranking system, perks, specializations to name a few.
you’ve have moaned about anything 343i or Microsoft have tried to do with this game.
I was a little on the fence with Halo 4 but after playing Halo 4 I just want it.

I get my “moaning about moaner” threads closed, but you guys get to moan about something so trivial it is actually unbelievable without that thread getting closed till page 108.
It is a double standards of freedom of speech.

I mean as for the LE edition not being that great, The halo 2 one was literally
steel case + soundtrack a lot of the CD’s were out of their holder which then scratched the cd it was horrible but back then no one moaned about the “lack of content.”

People think they’re so entitled on this forum when they’re not.
You’re just another fan, cog in the Halo wheel, take a breath, go outside. Chill.
Maybe see some of you on the game from November 6th onwards.

A thread complaining about complaining?

Gotta do what you gotta do. I agree with you.

No, Back then forums and internet posting wasn’t main stream. The people here are unfortuantely for lack of a better word, rather repugnant, and do not represent the majority of the playerbase. It’s the same as when the forum goers basically forced TU to happen to reach and all that happened was people continued to play the mode they always were in the first place. Overly entitled brats, who think their enjoyment of a game warrents their attitude and makes them not only an expert, but an authority on what is right and wrong about the game and all future games.

But they seem to not realize that half of them are in dead end jobs, and have yet to bother/or succeed at designing creating or releasing any kind of game or even any other art form for that matter.

But I digress this isn’t what the Halo 4 forums are for is it? The game has gone gold, it is okay to discuss between each other about Halo 4 likeso r dislikes but peoples personal agendas and attitudes are not subject to this topic.

So consequently this topic will also probably be locked.

edit: However in direct response to your forum post, Halo 4 > These forums. I only posted here to enjoy discussion and exchange ideas and information about the game, and hopefully these nay-sayers won’t bum me out to the point of not wanting to come back.

Legit concerns/complaints > Blind Fanboyism

> Legit concerns/complaints > Blind Fanboyism

In no way are some of these complaints legit, especially if you haven’t played the game yet. Don’t try to say you can gauge how a game will play from experience with the previous titles. Having been around since Halo 1, I can totally see some of these game mechanics (especially the new flag system) working out just fine as much as I can see them flopping.

The only thing you accomplish by trashing the game before it’s release is creating a bias. You won’t like Halo 4 because you’ve already knocked it before you’ve tried it.

I don’t know about you. But I am not going to trash the game, or praise it. Instead, I am going to get it, play without bias, and make my conclusion from there.
preconcepted complaints = blind fanboyism.

yeah the thing is, for the most part, if someone going to go online and participate in a halo forum they’re probably pretty serious about the game and therefor much more likely to get seriously butthurt about changes in the game. me personally, i just love the halo universe and playing a halo game, i always have fun. i don’t really care either way, while i usually agree with what people are saying on these forums i just don’t let it bother me.