Halo 4 Visible Ranking Petition

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We, the undersigned, call on 343 Industries to implement a visible skill ranked playlists to the upcoming Halo 4 multiplayer.

Call to arms, Comrades! Or to petitions at least!

Sign here -

waits for a mod to say “petitions arent allowed…blah blah blah”

That said, this petition wont help anything…
They dont listen to the forums…so why listen to a petition?

Sign before mod comes!

This thread seems like it would have been best about… eight or nine months ago.

Why was it created about eight minutes ago?

Because it get always ignored or closed, thats the reason why im posting this again.

You should make a pledge to go with that petition saying that every one who signs it promises not to boost, derank, or sell accounts because that’s the reason we aren’t getting an in game ranking system. The community has no one to blame but themselves.