Halo 4 videos - PAX PRIME 2012

Hey what’s up everyone? I was at PAX and got a few great games in that I was also able to record. My newest videos have the best quality and video camera placement you’ll see at the convention. I have 5 videos of Halo 4 up right now, uploading four more soon.

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Also ask me a question, I’ll try my best to answer any way I can.

YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/doomnave1

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Wha… whah? Your wanting subscribers by uploading cam videos of other peoples hard work?
I mean, i can understand uploading it for the sake of showing what Halo 4 has in store, but that’s not a healthy mindset.

Ugh forget what i just said. It doesn’t matter, its a good video. I guess im bring it a little put of proportion. Good day to you and you starside.

Oh I did that because I post gameplay commentaries, too. It’s all good though

Thanks for the vids. Watching Exile right now, lol you spazzed out with the launcher when that mongoose flew by you.

That was a nice Triple Kill you got in the Exile gameplay. Thanks for the vid!

Mark V helmet at 11:42!