Halo 4 Video Review

Hey guys,

I recently put some of my thoughts together about Halo 4. I’ve been a long time fan of the series and tried to make an objective critique of the game and am looking forward to an improved Halo 5. If you’re interested I put it together in video format to be more entertaining rather than type out 2000 words to never be read. Here’s the link.

I look forward to your input and open discussion of the game.


That’s a great review Josh, I agree with all of the points you’ve made. I’m puzzled as to why 343 removed 1 flag CTF as well.

Yeah I don’t know they made some interesting design choices.

The Daily XP cap was really annoying too when they had that whole mountain dew promotion going on. I would hit the cap in like 30 minutes of playing and it would ruin my motivation to continue playing.

Yeah, that made absolutely no sense, people would exploit it and get around it anyways and it just screwed over weekend players like me in the end who didn’t have the time to cap out every day. I played fairly heavy when it first came out but this game kept my attention less than probably any other for various reasons.

Great review lots of good points brought up. Nice job

Yeah definitely, if there’s going to be a cap, there should have been a weekly cap opposed to a daily one.

Yeah unfortunately that’s the least of the problems it had, I could have gone on but the review was starting to get long enough as is. Many people on this forum address some other issues I felt were too subjective for the official review such as the weapon spawning.

Hmmm, what was wrong with the weapon spawning?

Are you talking about the ordinance drops?